igloo, an app that identifies foods with gluten reading your barcode

Today, May 27, celebrated the International Day of Celiac , a disease that affects approximately half a million people in Spain and 1% of the European population and is a permanent intolerance to gluten that can cause serious injuries in mucosa of the small intestine those who suffer.

To try to make life a little easier for celiacs, the next to the Vodafone Foundation Celiac Association of Madrid and the University and Alcalá have driven the development of an application called igloo that will get you what foods are gluten anywhere thanks their smartphones.

Its operation is very simple. To know whether a product is suitable user should only bring your terminal barcode package of an item and the app will tell you if it contains gluten or not. The advantage is that if you do not have good lighting conditions or bar code is in poor condition can always enter the code by hand through the menu.

Igloo instantly accesses the database of the Celiac Association of Madrid (with more than 3,000 products under its belt) to corroborate, always with updated information. Regular updates will also serve those who have the disease to check new food scale or check your tolerance seasonal produce.

Once you download the app for the first time can use it on your smartphone even without 3G or WiFi because the database also turns on your phone.

“The availability of the application allows mobility cart at any time without having to carry the paper guide provided above and reduces the time spent in performing this task by not having to look for the reference product” explain their creators in a statement.

Igloo is available for free for Android  and in the coming days will also come to  BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS.

ASO: The SEO mobile applications

The use of mobile phones is very widespread and deeply rooted in the habits of many people regardless of age or social position. Needless nothing but watch as in crowded public places such as public transport or just down the street most people spend time using their mobile devices.

All these users make use of mobile applications such as messaging, games, news, business … etc. This is where comes in a very important process that will help users more easily find the possible application of our company or business. The ASO.

In this video you can see how Toni Biada, seo consultancy  of Einnova explains how important is the development of mobile applications .

What is the ASO?

The ASO is the process of optimizing a mobile application get to appear in the top search results when users search in the app stores. When visibility has an app in app stores (Apple Store or Google Play Store) greater your chances of being found by users and therefore to be installed.

On average a correct optimization can potentially increase the number of organic installations of an application between 20% and 400%, so we see that the increase in revenue can be considerable if ASO is applied correctly.

Optimizing mobile applications

Factors influencing the ASO

These are some of the factors influencing the ASO from a mobile application:

Factors ASO on-metadata:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Category

Factors ASO off-metadata:

  • Facilities
  • Ratings and reviews from users
  • Linkbuilding
  • Social Media

ASO Process

Keyword Research: In this part of the process is important to know and analyze that users perform searches on the apps stores, which keywords have the power to define our Keywords for our application. Upon selecting Keywords must consider three important factors, the approximate search volume, competition number and difficulty of to rank

Optimizing landing : After the part of the selection process Keywords and considering the points we have discussed in the previous phase, we optimize the “landing page”  in order to increase its visibility within search results for Keyword elected.

Monitoring : This is the phase of ASO process in which we measure if all you have applied provides optimal results or if we make any changes at some point in the process.

It is advisable to have a good ASO process is supplemented with App Marketing campaigns to increase the number of facilities and ascend in search results.

In Einnova we help you create a mobile app for your business or company and correctly implement the optimization process in the apps stores. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us, surely we can help.


Mobile Surveys

The solution integrates Sferea Survey by:

  • A friendly and great flexibility where an electronic wizard to quickly create customized surveys web interface.
  • Our web management portal where you can have control of the content displayed on mobile devices and access other tools closer to your users.
  • A Content Management Portal, where at the end of the uprising is possible to analyze the results or export them to Excel © or other statistical analysis software.

  Uses and Applications

Sferea Survey is an easy to use survey websites that streamlines the collection. It is of great support:

  • Activations in marketing events
  • Field surveys
  • Market Research
  • Registration Forms
  • Customer feedback

The chair phones and tablets … finally

After dozens of settings and tests given graphic and interactive complexities of La Silla finally launched our application for mobile phones and tablets. Which allows our users to query more efficiently our content and interact with them.

Starting today, our users can download versions designed for iOS (iPhone – iPad) and Android systems (any phone or tablet to include this system), which allow them to be free every minute with La Silla. And enjoy a more intuitive version of the content linked to sections such as stories, Dear Diary, Chair Covers Shrewsbury, The Blogging and La Silla Instant and follow our Twitter streams. Additionally, for those willing to consult on these devices, without having to download the application or just to see the original content, they can do so by going to our traditional direction.

The application, which was designed and developed by Fried Egg (huevofrito.com.co) thanks to the contributions of our Super Friends, be continually updated from now. Those who want to download only must:

For iPad or iPhone

If you have iPhone or iPad, go directly to link the Apple App Store

– Go to App Store, there you will find on the top bar a search field.

– To find the app in the store must go to the search field when pressed automatically skip the keyboard while typing appears to be a list of options to support this quest, just typing “chair”, will the Option “The Empty Chair” in the list can be accessed from there or giving the search button on the keyboard and will get a new screen with the results.

– One of the results is the application of the empty chair, check that is for your device (ipad or iphone) version and install press the “Free” next to the icon of the application, the button changes to “Free” to “Install” in a green color. Pressing the button brings up a new window, where you must enter the password of iTunes.

– Once you enter the password of iTunes will download automatically, and the desktop ipad or iphone icon with a progress bar will appear, once the bar is complete the application will be installed on your mobile device.


For tablets or phones with Android OS

If it is a smartphone and / or tablet Android. Go straight to link to Google Play Store

– Open the Google Play Store application from your smartphone or Android tablet.

– Once on the screen Google Play, you will find on the top bar icon with magnifier, to search for the name.

– Pressing the search field jumps the keypad to enter the name.

– With just typing the word “chair”, will the “The Empty Chair” in the list can be accessed from there or giving the search button on the keyboard and will get a new screen with the results.

– Select the application you want to install.

– To install the application on your device, press the “Install” button.

– Then click “OK” to accept the permissions of the application and start the download.

– Icon download process will appear on your device and end the process found on your computer installed application to use.

A wedge to go, remember that the more you evaluate and recommend more help us position our content.

Swype: new method of data entry inventor of T9

In 95% of phones on the market, the 12-button keypad is the input method par excellence, but devices with touch screens slowly becoming more popular van.

The data entry methods evolve and adapt to new technologies, seeking efficiency without losing ease of use, this is where comes into play Swype and his special way of entering data.

First do a quick review of these developments, we have seen exciting developments such as the introduction of haptic feedback on touch screens, providing a response to our actions, making the warmest touch experience.

Other improvements have been based on using new hardware features such as motion sensors to adapt the screen depending on the orientation of the terminal in our hands, I do not forget the improvements in voice recognition capabilities or common functionality and predictive text.

In the case of the touch screen there is a necessary and widespread resource is to present a virtual keyboard on the screen, many varieties are presented, some opt for choosing a keypad QWERTY , others have 12 buttons, and some like BlackBerry give option to use their system data entrySureType .

In this way we meet a new input method named Swype , is based on the continuous movement of the finger or stylus across the keyboard.

According to its creators allows a write speed of 50 words per minute, to better understand how it works take a look at the video that introduces this publication.

Its creator is Cliff Kushler , co-inventor of the technology predictive text T9 , used in most phones on the market. Cliff has developed this new way of data entry for the purpose of operating in a variety of devices such as tablets, game consoles, and even televisions.

The first feeling that I have to see the videos is that the person who does the testing is a virtuoso ofSwype , I think it is a system that requires a lot of training, but can be quite interesting in practice.


The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Without doubt, Android has given a new twist to the world of electronics, among other things, providing the user with a smartphone or tablet, have the necessary electronics to carry it with you wherever applications. From design and simulate a simple and elementary electronic circuit to apply the necessary parts to a leading provider or investigate data sheet of any microcontroller to know if it will be useful in our application. ¿Decode Morse code or find satellites in orbit thanks to Augmented Reality ? What you want to do in electronics, you can do it on Android and this collection of applications will be tools that can not miss on your mobile device. The design inspiration can come at any moment and here have ten electronic applications recommended for Android .

As I announced in the teaser, electronics is another attraction that Android has to bring you anywhere you have a mobile device at hand. If you thought that applications for this class of devices to a silly cat that repeats what you say, or a flock of birds murderers were reduced, you will be surprised the interesting applications that meet the electronics you have reserved. Like everything in life, few things are free and paid versions always have full benefits or are free of advertising. ¿Need electronics when you’re mobile? Here is a selection with the best.


This application is a basic must-have. It is a complete and powerful collection of elementary operations that all electronic technician must carry wherever you go. Distinguishing features are the variety of classic and typical calculations for the most common configurations of transistors , operational amplifiers, resistors , capacitors and some basic integrated circuits such as the LM317 or NE555 . Helps you to calculate and design inductors, audio filters and also provides an extensive list of the most common connectors in electronics, with identification of each pin and corresponding connections.Undoubtedly, an essential application for every level of expertise.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Electronics Reference

For people just starting out in the world of electronics is very important to familiarize yourself quickly with the components in each application that comes their way. Most mortals, when we started in this wonderful world of electronics, we were always in front of a component on which we wonder what what is this? Electronics Reference is an application for Android that resolves this question and shows you in physical appearance images having a diode, a resistor , a capacitor, an inductor and most of the components found in each plate we see. If on paper are two parallel lines, how is the physical form of that element? This is one of the great advantages that have this application. Take a look and associate a component with its symbol. While the application is in English, it is very easy to use and does not present an impediment when full potential of this utility. The ideal complement to accompanyElectroDroid if you’re new to the long road of electronics.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Every Circuit

If you already have advanced knowledge in electronics and design inspiration, combined with a novel idea, invades you in the strangest place as a lift or public transport, you can not wait to sit at your computer in your home knowing you are many miles away. To help in this difficult situation isEveryCircuit which is a program design and simulation of electronic circuits able to fit on your mobile device. With the same hierarchy as an application of expensive desktop computer, this application forAndroid can show waveforms or voltage and current from a circuit assembly yourself, minutes before.With the availability of the most common components, circuit diagram, draw and rehearse dynamically work that can be performed without drawbacks. You can forget your scorer full of illegible scrawl of dubious operation, you think, what you draw , you pretend and ready ; anywhere, anytime. Of course, it is an application that is maturing and yet has all the components of the electronic universe, but gradually their progress will be important and useful will be vital in the least expected.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Droid Tesla

This application is very similar to the above but occurs more maturity, amount of available components and consequently, higher power to solve a simulated electronic circuit. Droid Tesla can simulate circuits with bipolar transistors, MOSFETs , diodes, LED , inductors, capacitors, power AC or DC, logic gates and up circuits based on the popular NE555 . Furthermore, measuring instruments stand to offer complete information on the operation of the circuit under test. A high score of recommendations within the store of Android speak highly of this simulator SPICE , worth downloading and be always ready to create, test and enjoy.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Electronic Toolbox

When electronic design is becoming advanced in complexity and RF is present in a design, we haveElectronic Toolbox . Ready to technical and / or engineering students, this application can help you calculate PI type attenuators or T series or parallel LCR circuit, calculate noise figures an RF amplifier (Noise Figure, Nf ), design and calculate radio antennas , band pass filters, calculate peak voltage, RMS and mean, among other things. It also facilitates the calculation of earnings cascade or configured as a unit, in addition to all elementary features such as amplifiers Ohm’s Law or impedance calculations. In short we could be sure which is the initial and basic application to enter the world of radio. A step higher in the pyramid of knowledge and complexity can find the same author, application RF & Microwave ToolboxRecommended for advanced students in telecommunications.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Arduino Cook

Leaving the theoretical world of electronics and going to practice and modular hand, we find an application Android destined to all lovers of the Arduino platform. This application lets get started and make the initial practice with the hardware Arduino . Certainly, for those who just started working in electronics, this is a very useful tool that will facilitate the most common constructions, for which all go ever to reach the most complex developments. EL flashing LED based on LED’s accountants, generation of PWM , managing analog and digital inputs, control servo motors , DC motors and “step by step”, touch sensors, temperature control, LCD and even a parent LED . If you started your desire to go through with Arduino , this application may find interesting.

PICmicro Database

I could not miss this selection, an entire database of PIC microcontrollers that allows us to test the features of any PIC and dsPIC produced by Microchip . In this application, you can search your favorite microcontroller, reading the features, and if you think you’ve found the right one for your development, the application will guide you to download data sheets directly from the website ofMicrochip . The creator of this application says that in the near future could attach at least one pin diagram of each PIC to facilitate design tasks each developer. This application also integrates seamlessly with ElectroDroid , recommended in the first place this selection and can be downloaded for free from the application portal Android.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Satellite AR

For those who are excited about the weather satellites or communications Analytical Graphics brings us an application in Augmented Reality that is as useful as having a scientist of any space agency at our side to indicate where each satellite is at any time. With a database that is updated constantly, this application is as simple as picking up the mobile, point to the sky and begin to see the satellites flying (the low orbit) or suspended up there along the entire Ecuador online (GSO). The wonder ofAugmented Reality presents a green line on the screen is equivalent to the horizon and a whole grid divided into degrees and cardinal points to move up we provide with such a large number of satellites, we can not believe it. Of course, this application is ideal to follow the path of the Space Station (ISS), the satellite ARISSat-1 and all meteorological satellites are operational and in orbit.


At present, very few want to lose the opportunity to be corporately present in an application forAndroid . The popularity of these applications has reached tempt any company to have its space in the store of Android . As ever happened to the nascent World Wide Web , Android today is a space where commercial presence means the continuous validation of a corporate image. SVI, a leader in the marketing of electronic products and technical accessories on the web could not be oblivious to this movement. FarnellIt is another giant is starting to take its first steps in this world but has yet to mature a lot in implementation and a clear example of this is to give the customer the ability to purchase materials such as  bạc đạn directly from your application. SVI meet this requirement and allows you to have your extensive catalog of 1.6 million components so you can select the most suitable for your designs made ​​in the radio.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

The benefits that this application offers will be very useful for selecting components and suppliers to study sheets and characteristics of the materials selected. Buying online has always been one of the strengths of DigiKey in the electronic marketplace and Android continues to be a point in your business expansion, fortunately, have available at any time. If you are already a customer of DigiKeyand you have a business account with this firm, the components you want to buy will not have to wait to get to the office and will be in close touch screen on your mobile device. Really a very useful application and arriving for easier work. Hopefully this trend will soon move to other providers as customers, we have other options to choose the most convenient.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android


As interesting and easy to implement as Arduino , IOIO is presented in the market as one of the platforms ready to use hardware that is born from the hand of Android . IOIO allow you to take full advantage that can give you multiple (48) digital inputs and outputs, you can manage up to 14 outputsPWM simultaneous, acquire data from 20 analog inputs (ADC) and communication channels classic series as the bus I2C or SPI . To begin working and playing with applications IOIO is available, you do not need any kind of programmer (hardware) special. Your own mobile focus on updating the firmware IOIO need to work and USB connection will be enough to upload your creations after reforming them again and again.

Sparkfun is one of the online stores selling this interesting product and, as always, application developers to find a promising product is installed in the store of Android offering different applications. Therefore, do not be hard to find in a short time applications Android forIOIOmultiply like mushrooms on the web. On the other hand, do not stop being attentive to Forum Electronics NeoTeobecause there are beginning to talk seriously about this new hardware and it is likely that in a short time specific applications oriented platform begin to appear. Since linked via Bluetooth to your mobile device until the full control of any industrial process. In addition, the invaluable collaboration of many people who contribute their knowledge for general education (I will not name them not to leave anyone out) make Electronics Forum arg a warm place worth visiting.

After the presentation of these ten applications, you can not imagine the amount of profits that were left out in the selection. You’re probably thinking and say in the comments, “but they failed to mention this or that …” and that will be very good in this article. If you know any electronic application that is worthy to install on a mobile device, any electronic fan as we frequent NeoTeo, this is your space and time . Your support can help many who need a comparison chart, unit conversion, calculation and all those things that we always need electronics. Better still if you decided to create your own applications and want to show them that the world knows them. We wait here or in the forum to share all the tools you this modern marvel offers.

The 15 best medical applications for Android

These applications have the characteristic of being free , and designed for doctors, clinics, medical education, medical students and patients.

Android continues to improve the supply of quality medical applications and this is an indicator of market trends, best mobile apps mean better. On December 23, 2010 Android Marketplace, opened the category of medical applications and supply growth of medical apps is exponential until 2013.

This updates the list presented in the previous article  and is based on reviews of the sector and not in the statistics bestselling application. We update the reviews of the applications already mentioned on our website. Click to see the review of each application and installation instructions:

. 1  Medscape : full set of resources on drugs, contraindications and combinations, videos and images of disease, risk factors, procedures and protocols. See also iPad version.  More information

. 2  Epocrates : identification directory drug dose calculator and information about interactions.  more

. 3  Skyscape : health information, including medical calculator Archimedes.

. 4  Evernote : document management tool organizes and allows the PDF notes.

. 5  Calculate by QxMD : collection of useful medical calculators for learning thanks to its method of questions and quizzes.

. 6  MedPage Today : access to multiple sources of medical information in text, audio and video. See MedPage in iPhone version .

7.  Harvard School of Public Health : Educational information in different formats.

. 8  Ist Kamagra ein natürliches potenzmittel (MPR) : comprehensive directory of drug reference.

. 9  Standard Dictations : support tool for medical students.

. Oct. USPSTF EPSS (electronic selector preventive services) : recommendation system procedures and conditions designed for medical professionals.

. Nov.  PubMed Mobile : search system of medical articles.

. Dec.  Ob (Pregnancy) Wheel : Useful for professionals and parents interested in pregnancy information.

. 13  Eponyms : collection of medical phrases and names assigned to diseases.

. 14  Speed ​​Anatomy Basic to study medicine atlas.

15 Menstrual Calendar : Medical Application with calendars ovulation, menstrual period, monitoring of symptoms and basal temperature.

The best ‘apps’ to clean the mobile garbage

It is one of the evils that most affects users with a smartphone. And, over time, they start to fail and slow work.

The smartphone supports hundreds of hours on, always working. Save our music, apps, photos and videos. Also remember why we browsed pages, favorite or emails that we sent. It has become, in its own right, the inseparable friend of man. But in many cases ends up slowing its operation.

Tasks as simple as before they soon run such as changing application can become desperate to anyone. The causes of a mobile work less are many: from an operating system too heavy for the model in question ( such as iOS 7 for the iPhone 4 ), or have too many applications running in the background, to the accumulation of caches or software outdated.

But in many cases can be solved. To improve the user terminal can use some tools available online.


One is iCleaner . This application is available for Android and iOS thus eliminates wiping the memory of our phone quickly and comfortably files. In iOS offers two possibilities: Fast or safe.

In its version for Android meanwhile, has several options such as deleting erase the cache, temporary files or information entered in applications. But there can be only enabled the option to delete pictures.

Another of the most popular applications is Clean Master . This app available for Android also removes junk files such as history data browser search. Moreover, it is able to move applications to the SD card, find the cache files generated byapps that are consuming storage space and helps get rid of them.

The tool has one of clearer user interfaces. In it you can clearly distinguish the terminal memory and the SD card. Meanwhile, at the top right is the menu button settings .

Do you want speed? Kill the ‘apps’ in the background

There are apps like Line, WhatsApp or stainless steel trash can reviews that are continuously running in the background, which slows the operation of the terminal.

Typically, users download apps in the online store, try them and then leave them on your terminal. The use or not. In these cases, it is advisable to make a reflection and if, for example, does not use Line or WeChat, eliminate them.

There are applications that are constantly running in the background, which slows the operation of the terminal. An example of this are Line, WhatsApp or FacebookTo do need to go to Settings , open the menuApplications and select the one you wish to delete.Another option is to move these applications to the external card (in those terminals that have it). To do this you must go to Settings , go to the menuapplications and make click on the option Move to SD card .

To see if an application is running you can check inSettings , Applications and then Running .According to Carlos García de la Barrera, head of Systems Lextrend , Spanish company specializing in mobile and web development, you may at that time is not running, so also recommended to go to Downloaded . It is also useful to know which applications are those that are spending more battery and thus slowing the system more. To do this you must go to Settings and then Battery .There you can see what tools have ended the power terminal.

In Google Play a large number of applications that allow processes to enhance killing device performance there too. An example of this is in  Advanced Task Killer , one  app  showing which applications are active and can be closed with the touch of a button.

Once closed the programs indicates how much memory is released.


The question many are asking is, are these applications really serve any good?

According to Carlos García de la Barrera, are not a panacea. “The deleted files that are not enough to notice in some cases an improvement on the phone, but what applications can eliminate advise based on what they consume. Depending on what you delete the phone’s performance will improve more or less.”

“Another thing is what the user considers rubbish. Because many will not want to part with certain applications that locate these tools.”

The five essential applications to find home

Search house is an ordeal that you either love or hate her to death, but whether you think of one thing as another, sure you will come great these five critical applications to sell my house fast , whether to buy, rent or just dreaming awake.

The cake online real estate search is shared in our country a handful of portals, although not all have mobile application, so we will only provide those who do.


1 Idealistic

Applications to find home - idealistic

Idealistic was probably the pioneer in offering an application on your home search service. The beginnings were not easy because I remember constantly hung, well not recognize your location, omitted in search results …

Fortunately, those days are over, and the application of Idealist is probably the best designed and most complete of all that today I will show, with ability to filter and sort the search by a lot of parameters. Of course, not all houses for sale or rent are idealist, so my recommendation is to also use other applications.

Download | Idealist

2 Fotocasa

Applications to find home - fotocasa

With an ever better design and, especially, a lot of photos of each home, Rightmove is an interesting house hunting or if we also publish our report option.

It has, however, the disadvantage that includes a small but annoying banner ads and also does not allow to sort the results by any of the parameters that can be filtered search (or I have not been able to find that option, which also would be a failure).

Download | Zoopla

3. Pisos.com

Applications to find home - pisos.com

Applying Pisos.com is perhaps the one with more care and cheerful design , with a simple and intuitive interface that hides however a wide range of options.

We can, for example, display the results in a list, in a grid with larger photos or on a map with the locations. We can also filter the results according to various parameters, and the management options are limited to the price or the date ad.

Download | Pisos.com

4 Segundamano

Applications to find home - PistonHeads

PistonHeads is a portal for all purchases and sales, such as old newspapers purchase “The grind” or “The Trunk”-with these I bought my first bicyclo. Thus, a mobile application is not designed specifically for the real estate market , and even has a section adapted, it shows.

Download | Segundamano

5. Rentright

Applications to find home - Rentright

Rentright is probably the most appropriate website to search home if we want to rent it . Its application, however, is the most rudimentary of all is-not even adapted to the retina display with an outdated design that invites you to browse through it, but it’s enough to take a look at their catalog of rental.

Download | Rentright

I hope you have enjoyed these five must-house applications to find on the iPhone . If you know any more, we are happy to include it too, and if you are looking for a home, good luck!

Advertising within the applications will grow up to 500% in the next five years

Advertising applications will grow up to 500% in the next five years. This point was a report entitled “Mobile Advertising: Strategies In-App, mobile Internet and messaging 2013-2018 ‘and predicts that this growth will dramatically motivated by return on investment of marketing and development of advertising media to traditional advertising more interactive and effective.

This study finds that today about 70% of the advertising investment that appears to applications the smartphones, the growth in the number of users of smartphones and tablets hog, drive a new leap in the medium-term expenditure.

Tablets play an important role so in 2018 it is expected that ad spending in these devices maintain a 50/50 ratio with respect to smartphones.

An interesting fact that emerges from this report is that, although greatly increase application downloads by 2018, most of the in-app advertising investments will go to social mobile giants:  Twitter and Facebook.
Sian Rowlandas, author of the report, is optimistic regarding the opportunities for smaller developers. “As the industry matures mobile advertising, advertising solutions are more sophisticated, massively use the location to boost relevance and these new technologies and formats, will benefit all members of the value chain of mobile advertising “.

Regarding forecasts spending on mobile advertising in 2018, this report points out that in that year the figure will be 39,000 million. A forecast that is very far from the 13,000 million dollars invested today.

In addition, investment in new rich media formats outperform traditional advertising formats in 2018 and appear able to add enhanced mobile features, more interactive and link directly to the most relevant apps store.


Four alternatives for mobile map applications

The launch last summer of iOS 6 , the new operating system for Apple mobile devices, Google marked a break with the default when integrating phones and tablets in some of the popular search engine services. Apple stopped using the application Google maps and placed in its own place . The numerous complaints from users , to find fault with the new programap, made ​​the executive director of the firm at the apple, Tim Cook, publishedan open letter to all customers apologizing for the problems caused. However, this is not the only alternative to the Finder app.This article lists mapping applications for the most popular but some interesting concepts for different mobile: Maps +, Waze, City Maps 2Go and OpenMaps Pro .

New Google maps application

One of the recommendations of Apple users to use alternative programs to your maps is to use the mobile web version of Google Maps and Nokia . To simplify this form of use, you can add a shortcut to the home screen of the terminal.

However, since December is available for iPhone ‘s Google Maps application . This is free and has a new graphic design over previous versions, included by default in IOS. Among other developments, lets explore the maps and navigate them using gestures .

Since December is available for iOS 6 the new version of the Google Maps application

Presents other new features, such as turn navigation, voice guided instructions of the most ideal way to reach a destination, local change of address integrated searches, sites and companies around the world and 360 degree panoramas of streets and interiors of some trades through the option Street View .

New alternatives for mobile maps

  1. An app based on Google maps is maps + . With this application you can browse through Google Maps in their different views, less the option of Street Views . However, it provides some new features like the configuration of the main screen, managing to register and create markers, routes and tracks or alarm activation position. This program is offered for free, but with limited use. The full version has a cost of 2.69 euros.
  2. Waze is a mapping application available for iOS and Android, aimed at obtaining the most suitable route in real time, based on traffic or road conditions . It is used in a vehicle for sharing information and traffic alerts with other drivers in the vicinity. Thus, given alternatives to save time and use less fuel routes. This information will be shared automatically, depending on the speed and path of the car, or manually. With these data, Waze calculates in real time the most appropriate way to reach a destination.
  3. City Maps 2Go is a mapping system for iOS with a cost of 1.79 euros. One advantage of this application is that it lets you download maps for use on an off line, something that can not be done from an iPhone with Google Maps. Thus, you can use the maps without an internet connection . Therefore, it is very useful for travelers abroad who do not want to use a connection option by roaming on your mobile or people who are in places unreachable.

    City Maps 2Go is ideal for tourists who do not want to use a roaming connection to access maps mobile

    Among its features, is leaving to search for post office change of address and locations, see the user’s location on the map, save locations as favorites, add notes and also consult Wikipedia articles of the main attractions. It is based on the maps of Open Street Map , a platform free and open to the collaboration of users maps .

  4. Other projects based on Open Street Maps maps also highlights OpenMaps Pro , an application with a cost of 2.69 euros which allows searches of addresses on maps and download them for use without an Internet connection . This program presents options for calculating routes by car, bike or on foot, and edit maps by creating labels and even add custom maps. It also features integration with Twitter to display messages originated in this social network around a particular area.

The best applications Accountant, management, budget iPhone

The iPhone can become a personal assistant to simplify your daily life. Your mobile Indeed, along with some well-chosen applications, can help you keep your family accounts . So before you begin, you need a few tips to help keep your counted, click here . Then follow the guide of the best apps counted / management available on the Appstore.

iComptaMobile, u do simple application to manage your bank accounts and keep your counted

This application is very useful to help you manage your accounts from your iPhone, iPad … securely. The built-in browser app allows you to download your statements there, check your Accountant and Tax Agent Manly, prepare forecast … The iCompta preconfigured application is to be compatible with many banks, so you can easily configure the access to your accounts.

Even better, the app allows you to statistical tables and graphs to see the evolution of your spending and compare your projected budgets with reality. If your iPhone is connected to network with your PC or Mac at home, you can also access from your computer, the integrated server related iCompta.

On the Appstore, you can download iComptaMobile Lite, or opt for the (more complete course) with paid version 2.1.2 iComptaMobile for $ 3.99.

Ixpenselt, a free application management, budget, forecast and free software for currency conversion

In the “top” apps to help you manage your accounts and your budget from your iPhone, ixpenselt ranks very favorably. This application is available for free download (lite version) or paid download full version for $ 3.99.

On the road or at home, you can manage your budget very easily, prepare expense reports, summaries of the status of your accounts, create charts …

This application is very comprehensive and focused on a professional utilization iCompta, which focuses more on family and personal counted.

You can also take advantage of the conversion feature embedded in the application currency, a good place if you are traveling abroad.

Squirrel: a simplified budget manager and free additional free management software on Mac

If you’re on a Mac and use the management software Squirrel budget, you probably have an interest in using the free application management Squirrel budget for iPhone, which allows you to sync data between your Mac and mobile. Squirrel is very simple to use to monitor your accounts, consult your expenses, calculate your budgets and estimates.

To synchronize your data or to simply access Squirrel for iPhone on the go, you may need other complementary applications to download on Apple’s official website, allowing you to detect wireless networks near your iPhone and you simply connect via WiFi: click here to learn more about these essential apps .

Best casino multigame Android

Meet the best apps for Android include various casino games, applications where you can play both slots as roulette or blackjack.

Today there are countless casino apps that you can find to play on mobile devices, but these tend to offer only a casino game.

Slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat or even poker, it is difficult to find applications that offer many of these games and these still have a quality worth highlighting.

In today’s article we will offer the best free multiplayer casino related applications exist for Android, the apps worth having installed on the mobile lovers casinos.

Online hracie automaty zadarmo 

Live Casino - SlotsA long time ago came a game called 11 in 1, a paradise for lovers of casino games at the time, but that is already outdated unfortunately.

online hracie automaty zadarmo  has managed to forget all lovers of the aforementioned casino games 11 in 1 as well as the incredible quality of the application, offers users up to 13 different games that are developed in a “hotel-casino “.

This application is really easy to use and very intuitive, which makes it easy to use for Android users who come for the first time casino gaming lovers to those casinos that are not yet quite so comfortable with new technologies.

In addition to the nine types of slot machines that Live Casino – Slots offers its users, who may also enjoy blackjack, baccarat, roulette and keno.

Live Casino – Slots offers the possibility of internet connection to play with others and most importantly, it is in Spanish!

Poker lovers should watch this game because it is also developing the ability to play Hold’em.


GSN CasinoIf Live Casino – Slots is the king of Android applications, GSN Casino no slouch either in quality or variety of games, the only problem with this app may be the fact that it is not yet presented in Spanish (and not No information on whether result).

Despite this drawback, an application of this quality could not stay out of our list of the best multiplayer casino apps because its use is so simple that even users who do not know English can use it without problems.

Slots as Tiki Island, Undersea Treasure and Pirate’s Fortune accompany perfectly blackjack high stakes (where you can play up to three hands at the same time), Deuces Wild (machine video poker best known in the world), Outlaw Video Poker or its spectacular Video Bingo.

Do not forget to enter every day to win tokens play, virtual currency equivalent to money games GSN.

If you have a device with limited capacity should know that this gem of free mobile casinos need more than 40MB of free space, which can be a problem for users of older devices or denominated lowcost, although the quality of GSN and its variety of games makes it worth the espera.7


Master Casino - Slot BlackJackDespite its name, Master Casino – Slot Blackjack is not just a game of slots and blackjack, but encompasses nine different games in an environment that will care professional for user enjoyment.

The main screen offers the user the possibility to access each of the games developed so far (the developer Second Game Studio has confirmed that in the future be able to enjoy more games yet), which are really easy to play.

From the 3-card poker (3 Card Poker) to video poker, through other games that app offers its users: baccarat, keno, roulette, slots, blackjack, sic bo and Caribbean poker, anyone who download this application you can enjoy hours of fun for free.

A simple app to use and to the delight of all casino players, even the most demanding, one of Android apps most downloaded multigame casino.


Three different applications that will serve to enjoy the free Android casino like you’ve never done before, and offer all games in one application need to prevent settle dozens of different apps on your mobile device.

Gold eased from 10-week highs before Fed meeting

Expectations that the Fed can further reduce your monthly bond purchase program pushed the dollar as demand for safe haven currencies like the yen was recorded.


Gold retreated from 10-week highs seen during the night at the weakness of the stock, as traders took profits in the precious metal ahead of a key meeting of the Federal Reserve of the United States this week.

Expectations that the Fed can further reduce your monthly bond purchase program boosted the dollar, while demand for safe-haven currencies such as the yen continued to sell-off in emerging markets was recorded.

Spot gold is traded at $ 1,260.30 an ounce, a decline of 0.7%, after hitting overnight its highest since mid-November to $ 1,278.01 an ounce.

Meanwhile, futures for February delivery fell U.S. $ 4 an ounce to $ 1,260.30.

The metal had difficulty keeping gains last week before a policy meeting two days that the Fed will start tomorrow.

A fall of 2.3% in global equities last week helped boost gold back IRA for the fifth consecutive week, mostly Streak weekly gains since mid-2012.

Stock markets extended losses, as concerns over the economic slowdown and the informal banking sector in China, with expectations that the Federal Reserve will further reduce its monetary stimulus measures, are putting pressure on emerging markets that depend on external financing.

Among other precious metals, silver fell 0.4% to $ 19.77 an ounce. Spot platinum lost 0.6% to $ 1,413.49 an ounce, while palladium CEDEO 0.9%, to $ 725.50 an ounce.

How to get followers on Twitter in nine steps


Have you just opened a Twitter account and do not know where to start? Every time you open your profile and see the zero number of followers you da dip ? Or maybe you take time stuck at 12 followers? Do not sweat it . We all started there . And there are those who , after starting from the same point that you have got thousands of followers.

Premise: if you’re not a rock star , a supermodel , a player elite or a television you’re going to be hard to get thousands of followers of a sudden .

Warning: this is real and ‘clean’ steps for a user – type who wants to increase followers naturally. No magic, no prodigious tools or ways to buy robots .

Reflection: you may think that the fact only have 500 followers on my blog account on Twitter does not allow me to give advice. But , perhaps, if you open your mind , you can take advantage of what I propose to increase your number of followers , which is what it is …

Nine steps to take before having to resort to this :
Step 1: Friends , what you want
I guess you have friends But you know if you are on Twitter ? If they are (and they know ) the first thing you have to do is start following them and ask them to follow you , that’s why no trust. This step is really nice to not spend too much time with the token fan unworn . Also, encourage them to recommend you to their Twitter profiles or move your tweets and increase your visibility. In the case of not knowing if your friends are on Twitter, nothing easier than to go to Facebook and post on the wall your Twitter account . Friends are for when you need them and this is a good time to give you a hand .

Step 2: Strip search Twitter
Use the search box to find Twitter users tuiteen on your interests and follow them . We recognize that it is very likely not to get follow back , but we must try . Typically if you follow gurus topic not follow you , but if you do it with less profiles followers and also tuiteen your topic interesting things , you will be easier. Usually profiles with few followers tend to follow you back , but you never know …

Step 3: Put hashtags topic that tuiteas
And we will turn over the tortilla. If you just recommended I follow people with similar interests , they might find to you in the same way . Put on your timeline and hashtags to your tweets related to the matters of which you speak. so you have a greater chance of appearing in Twitter search results .

Step 4: Interact with other users
The fact dialogue with others, mention to , or making of retuitearles favorite tweets of others is a warning to other users . If you interact and abandon the cave of your privacy , you will increase the number of followers for a very simple reason : you will become visible to others.

Step 5: Continue to follow other
Behind this truism lies something much more complex : people who appear as followers profiles similar to yours are predisposed to follow. Do not waste time following users never increase the number of ‘ followings ‘ . Take advantage of other people who follow others and follow them . You’re more likely to get a follow back .

Step 6: Create and / or share good content
Yes This is the most costly step of the above but , without doubt, the most important long-term . At this rate that takes time and effort. If you have a blog , post once or twice a week minimum and shares every day, at different times , in your Twitter account . It’s about time ( recently) that you increase the number of followers .

If you do not have a blog, do not worry, you can also gain a following with content you share. Find interesting websites or blogs you can nurture quality links , be selective with the content that you try tuiteas and they all add value . What it is that your timeline have valuable information and this, in itself, is the best of all magnet to attract followers .

Step 7: Tweet often , but without the grill
Generally, before following a person will check out your timeline to see what tweeting about , what kind of tweets spear and , in general, how is your profile. If two weeks ago you do not write anything , you usually do not follow any users because they think that the account is abandoned. Tweet daily, if you can, but not saturated with six hundred tweets a day.

Step 8: Include your Twitter profile in the soup
Make it known through Facebook, as we have spoken to friends . But do not stay there. There are many places to share it : apart from social networks like LinkedIn, you can also add your Twitter profile as WhatsApp state why not ? Also, do not forget to put your signature on personal and professional emails and on your business cards. Give visibility in your day to day in all areas you can think of .

Step 9: Buy Twitter followers
This is the easiest way to boost your number of followers.
There are many other options to increase Twitter followers : from hundreds of users follow and then unfollow those you have not returned the follow up to spend the euros to buy followers who will ignore anything you post. You can also use tools like payment Toolows managing campaigns to attract quality followers .

Tools and follow backs aside , what really matters is to have a profile that can go exponentially increasing the number of followers every week. And that is only achieved safely, adding value to your Twitter account .

Nuevo Kindle Paperwhite 2013 Review

We could not end the year without  reviewing the new Kindle Paperwhite 2013 , a product that already has a couple of months on the market but is just now making the leap to the physical store .

If we look at Amazon ‘s description on the official website to see that it is a measured renewal of the earlier version already discussed and we concluded that, in our opinion , was the best e-book reader market .

Is it still the king Paperwhite Kindle? Are there visible improvements by Amazon? Is it worth the extra price reaching 129 euros To start with ? Let’s see .


Identical .

The product not only holds the name - although our use “New Kindle Paperwhite 2013 Amazon just calls and simply called older generation to the original - but the size , weight and design to the point that putting together distinguish it costs us a lot .

It should be remembered that this leads to a device 16.9 cm x 11.7 cm x 0.91 cm, with 206 grams for a six-inch screen . The balance is a very light reader , usable books to some extent - more on this later - with one hand and with a very sober look.

rear kindle


The only button is the on / off switch is located on the bottom of the device , which continues to be a place somewhat inconvenient as grabbed by hand.

Possible ? Improvements one would expect ? Perhaps reducing the size of the device, rather than on the side frame that helps the experience , but maybe at the top or bottom where there is much and complicate the possibility that it is a portable device in your pocket .


The screen and processor New Kindle Paperwhite 2013

Although on paper is a proposal continuity - with the same density of pixels , 212 ppi - Amazon stresses that it is in the screen where efforts has improved hardware Paperwhite .

What experience do we? The device provides a very good contrast , which is read with a fabulous sharpness and, after all , need not grow in resolution to deliver a very satisfying read .

It is possible that in 2014 plans revolve around the variable resolution, perhaps focused on improving the experience with magazines and books graphically intense , but for now the Kindle Paperwhite remains focused on pure reading, perhaps because the space other works that is shifted to the tablet.



In any case, the improvements that Amazon also points to a new touch pad more accurate , a new system of integrated light and say a new processor is 25 % faster. With the experience of having used both - the former more months - and also having had to write the analysis in both cases I have to confess that I had a hard time appreciating differences .

Kindle Paperwhite remains outstanding ebook reader beyond check how much difference with its predecessor. The page turning - in the analysis of the original Paperwhite stopped a lot in this and other points - still instant and scoring touch experience , underline, write , search and buy , outstanding in the context of an eBook. In other words , there is no “lag , no waiting in the use of new Paperwhite .

There is a point where I do believe that they have improved the screen : the uniformity of light distribution . If this could be one aspect polka dots on Amazon reader , this is a thing of the past. Otherwise, Amazon backlit system still seems a rather solvent to not depend on external light sources and , in turn, have a good read even sunlight solution. In fact I have set the brightness to 14 (the system goes from 0 to 25) and I find it a very good experience in any environment.

Reading with the Kindle Paperwhite 2013

In the user interface noticable years Amazon experience . Configuring show you the estimated reading is encouraged you to follow that little more than the end makes you read more (and Amazon sell more , of course) and also improve increasingly more use of letters , underscores, and navigation through time books .

In fact, my point readers tactile resistance remains the same . The physical buttons still offer advantages for use with one hand ( go back and forth without confusion ) but the tactile experience to highlight , add notes or search the text is far superior. Fragments also sharing in social networks.

paperwhite navigate

This depends on the type of reader who we are and the works that will fill our free reader for us to evaluate if the ideal is a tactile reader as or better saved Paperwhite difference and opted for a non-touch device.

Finally, something that is constantly improving by Amazon is in the integration of searching the device. Server has used the new Paperwhite to read this masterpiece is Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, a book in which the terminology of the American West border with Mexico can reach and overwhelm the search feature that greatly helped me to identifying plants, animals, tribes and landscape elements. Not since lost about reading on paper , is that my experience with the software version was better in the ebook and there, again , the touch screen also added .

For more Kindle reviews please visit Kindle comparison site.

More reviews: Kindle Vs Kindle Paperwhite.

How To Buy Youtube Views To Make Your Videos Rank

If you’re new to video marketing, you’re probably wondering how you can make your videos rank on Google or Youtube quickly so that you can earn money the soonest time possible. Well, we’re to tell that if that is your goal, it’s easy if you know what factors go into making a video rank on Google. And what are these factors? They are Youtube videos, likes, shares and comments.

We all know that Google owns Youtube. Right now, where Search Engine Marketing or SEO stands, in order for a Youtube video to rank, it must have the correct amount of views, comments, likes and shares. No one knows exactly which factors are more valuable than others, but it’s safe to say that Youtube views is a major factor, which is why you need to purchase youtube views.

There are many websites you can buy Youtube views from. Just on Google for “buy Youtube views”. You should know, however, that not all providers are created alike. While there are some that deliver true human targeted traffic, there are the ones that deliver automated visitors.

If you’re a serious video marketer, you shouldn’t just rely on the words of a so-called video marketing guru. Do your own testing and buy both types of Youtube videos, however, send each of them to different sets of videos. Considering that Youtube videos are cheap, with some services charging only $14 for real human traffic, doing your own testing to know which views work best won’t even cost you $100. Of course, before you do any testing, make sure you’ve done proper keyword research on both Google and Youtube. Also, ensure that you make a great video that people will want to share. Once you get to the top of the search results for your keyword, you will want to leverage on the traffic by making your videos viral worthy. In addition to Youtube views, make a plan for buying Youtube likes and comments.

If you really think about it, you really don’t need to buy Youtube views, likes and comments – you can let nature takes its course and wait for someone to discover your videos, like it, share it and, hopefully, comment on it. But this could take years to happen and before that time, your competition could be crushing you in the rankings, which is really worse for pocket than it is for your ego.

5 myths about making money online

The industry of Internet Business there was some years ago made ​​its crude beginnings date back to the 90’s , but today thousands of people realize that with little investment (compared to Physical Business) can be make money from home and try to do the internet for a way to increase their income. I ‘m pretty sure you’ve seen the ads on Business on the Internet that allow you to ” Make millions in minutes , without work ” or ” make money from home quickly and easily without investing ” with a click. As I have said throughout this blog and I’ll keep saying , “The Internet Business are equally or more applicants than physical Business” , the misconception we have is that by developing them from home are easy, and if you’re in this industry ‘ll agree , the internet business need hard work, sleepless nights and months without winning a dime.I do not want to throw away the hopes and dreams of many, of course you can make money dese home, having Business in automatic Internet and make money while you sleep but this will only be a reflection of earlier work , as in any other business . Today I want to shed a little more information you have about Internet Business and reveal the popular myths surrounding this industry.

MYTH  1 – Make Money Online WITHOUT investing !

The stark reality is that to make money on the Internet or by any means need to invest something, be it money , time or both .” A minor investment of money working more hours you need to use to have a Profitable Business ” .So far there is no other way to achieve this but when you discover insurance information will be available online but it will be too late.

MYTH  2 – Internet Business can build in minutes !

If only that were true ! The internet every day offers tools and information that allow us to Business internet faster and simple but the truth is that it takes time to build Profitable Business .Is a process you must learn to develop your idea, build your brand , learn internet marketing techniques , developing quality content, build a list of potential customers and have sales .A very important point is to implement your ideas as fast as possible , the Internet Business is like the story of the ” Ugly Duckling” : At first it is not perfect and no one pays attention to them , sometimes to think on leave and follow others , but if you are persistent and continuing forward with time you will become a beautiful swan .

Myth  3 – You have to be an expert to Make Money Online !

Of course in the early days of the Internet Business Pioneers needed to write code , learn programming techniques and many other things to have their Web sites.Fortunately things change and technology advances every day making available all necessary knowledge as I mentioned in the previous point.You can have a Professional Blog in less than 10 minutes ( Blogger and WordPress) and start building your Internet Business .* It is important that you have thought about going to talk issues and your target audience .One of the biggest errors Entrepreneur online is to be an eternal student , if needed to be updated and acquire the skills but serving if ever put into practice what you learned , no matter what your business is a Frankenstein with weather you’re optimizing , the main product is You .If you let fear control you ‘ll be finished before you start.

Myth  4 – You can quickly make you RICH !

If you go anywhere with the attitude of ” Make Easy and Fast Money ” that will most likely fall into the thousands of Internet Scams and Fraud .When searching Internet Business need to invest time in researching what is said of the company, ways to make money online, the business plan, the SYSTEMS to build income, etc. .While it is true that there are people who are making big money online overnight, NO is the majority. This does not mean it does not work , it’s like buying an exercise bike , if we use an hour every day for a year we SURE results but many use it for one week and ends up being where you leave the towels.Now we have all that information and that is a good Business Opportunity should have the conviction to follow the system and be willing to invest time and money in the construction business or we have no results.

Myth 5 – You can set your Internet business and leave them alone !

This is half true , it is true that there are tools that make your business be automated , creating systems that carry hand the prospect to make the sale but like all machinery needs maintenance .Create content , improve some processes, create a professional brand , do marketing, etc. .When your business this well positioned, able to attract more customers and produce good sales time you have to invest will be increasingly marginalized .

3 Android Apps for SEO

Today we will delve into the wonderful world of SEO, something very fashionable for every business – or sector – companies internet . Being in the network is not important , the important thing is that we are. That is the idea of ​​Search Engine Optimization ( Search engine optimization ) . In short, ride a website and want Google to send you visitors. For them there are people and companies dedicated to SEO positioning. If you don’t want to SEO by yourself you can hire a service. We recommend Des Moines SEO services.
These professionals also deserve to know how Android applications can use for your industry , so let the mess :

WebRank SEO

One of the applications that I like , especially for good design . Offers access to a quick overview of a page. Very useful when you are not near your computer and you have to keep an eye on a customer or competitor.


Provides information through four tabs:

General: where we can see a rating that gives us the application and basic data such as tags “title” , “Description” or “keywords” (although the latter are not used) .
Analysis : in short , shows the profile of the web page with information such as Pagerank , Alexa or pages indexed in Google .
Header : The tab for the more technical and WPO lovers with interesting data at the server level .
DNS : Easy, DNS values ​​for which it is resolving the domain .
Download | Play Store

SEO Automatic

This application is more practical because it gives us real data on possible problems in web analysis. With a traffic light color code not accuse the major and minor errors , in addition to the things we have well placed :

Although this translation is easy to see why things fail on our website . Logically , the application is somewhat limited, but we can pull through on the street.

Download | Play Store



We could not miss an application to check the status of keywords on which we work . In Google Play find many but SEO ARP works quite well and has a very tasty interface. The free version has a limit on the number of keywords, but the paid version is cheap enough to be interesting . Furthermore, we can obtain social metrics on our website, another plus .

SEO SERP APP – Android Apps on Google Play

These applications help “to” the smoothest running Android

Only by the application available on Google Play , users can optimize the operation of their smartphone to run smooth as possible .

To monitor in Standby mode


Screen Standby is helped off the application ‘s desktop phone or Android tablet when not in use . Therefore, this application allows users to watch movies or play games on the big screen while the phone screen is off to save battery power . The application is also quite useful if you ‘re downloading large files via WiFi without using the phone’s screen , they would be turned off to save battery .

BusyBox Installer


BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single executable . It provides alternative for most utilities you usually find in GNU FileUtils , shellutils … Busybox Installer also includes a ” scripter ” to manage and run your script .

Titanium Backup


This is a must have app for Android that allows you to backup your essential applications including specific applications and their data . Therefore, this application is useful when you install a new ROM as it would not have to reinstall all your applications before. Scheduling backups and freeing memory by moving some apps to the SD card as well in this application .



DroidWall is one of the best firewall application that allows users to lock any application from the data . With this app , you can also control the mobile network or WiFi access for each application to ensure no excess data network allows . Also ensure cell phones are not hungry or become a victim of suspicious applications .



Greenify is the most useful app will help you save battery life by detecting hidden application in battery -hungry device even if you do not use them . This is not a frozen application – just put the battery consuming applications on hibernation mode even if you do not regularly use without disabling the full functionality of them.



NoBloat is an application that allows you to delete unwanted apps preinstalled on the phone . You can do this very easily by selecting the application and click the Delete button .



With catlog , you can find out what is happening on your phone . Catlog application will debug applications . The application has the name tag color coded and easy to read display vertically . Furthermore, we have features such as real-time search and recording mode as well as records by sending an email form or attachments .

root Explorer

app , android , smartphones , monitors , tablet PCs , backup

Root Explorer can be defined as a file management program for your phone and can access the entire file system of Android . The application’s other features include multiple tabs , Google Drive , Dropbox , … SQLite database viewer

LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher lets you use the keys are arranged in a half circle shape , called a pie , to replace the soft keys available on your machine . To activate the pie , you just clawed finger on the screen from the outside .


In addition, you can also quickly access the notification , date and time information , the remaining battery life , multitasking manager in the same way . Moreover, by the ability of the pie is highly customizable , you can add, remove , change keys easily their discretion .

Also notable feature is the pie , LMT also allows you to ” draw ” the letters on the screen of any device , which perform the assigned tasks available .

Stick Mount

app , android , smartphones , monitors , tablet PCs , backup

With StickMount app , you can automatically mount and remove the USB on different devices like Galaxy Nexus , Nexus 7 , Nexus 10 but does not work on Nexus 4 . The application is compatible with all devices but primarily developed for the Nexus phone .

Box App: Trends in advertising make a difference for businesses

A clever ad formats , combining images and content , advertising and customer care , and the attraction of readers accessing higher than 5-10 times higher than traditional banner born. That is the App Marketing Box or Box Product Application .
Marketing change the world changes
There is a funny story about Marketing that when chickens lay eggs , it usually works to promote local , and that’s why eggs are usually more expensive than duck eggs ( which is only known to lay eggs in silence ) . This is probably the primitive method of advertising and most primitive remarkably effective .

The term Internet was born in 1969 with the first WAN by the Ministry of Defense building , but not until 1991, with the launch of the first website ( World Wide Web ) , things did change the world , then the Marketing knowledge and hence the change over .

In January 10/1994 , online banner ads first appeared on the world to promote HotWired.com 7 museums and art by AT & T sponsorship . Since this time , the Internet in general and the particular website like an endless mine where one can fully exploit diverse genres , the rich CPC , CPM , banner , Online TVC , … increasingly large site with high traffic , the mine is considered as ” cash cows ” , which is attached to the budget for advertising on the website also added .

Box App : Trends in advertising make a difference for businesses
According to data from market research firm Kantar Media Vietnam Advertising Association , said Vietnam led again , in 2012, global advertising revenues to nearly $ 450 billion , an increase of 5 % over the previous year . In particular , from television advertising accounted for 42 % , newspapers and magazines accounted for 20 % , with 17 % Internet closely .

According to this study , in 2012, 64 % of survey participants said that television advertising channel has the greatest impact to the consumer , followed by the Internet with 26 % ( compared with 4 % market share of advertising Internet 2011 ) .

The data on enough to see the expansion and future dominance of Internet advertising . However, in the event ” a sad year as the current economy ,” the ad budget was slashed business . So the problem now posed is how to attract readers to pay special attention to their ads when the page is full of different types of advertising but with a breathable least cost ?


Trends in new app

Foreseeing the demand of enterprises set up in 2011 , the Vietnam market , a clever ad formats , combining images and content , advertising and customer care , and attracted the readers access higher 5-10 times higher than traditional banner born. That is the App Box or Box Product Application .

Box Marketing App : Trends in advertising make a difference for businesses

In fact, the trend of capital App Box display advertising was first released worldwide in late 2010 in the U.S. under the name ” Project Devil ” by the Internet company AOL patents . Products are tested on the first page Hearst and New York Times newspapers , then officially deployed in the Wall Street Journal online edition and towards major brands such as Audi , Burberry , Lexus , … Back to Vietnam , Box App is Admicro ( business unit of online advertisement , under VC Corp ) improved to better suit individual needs and advertising budget of a difficult period now . To optimize costs and reduce advertising procedures for the labeling problem , continue Admicro App Box upgrade into a new product line called Self – Serving Box App with many more handy features to business .

As of the harmonious synthesis of all forms of advertising PR news , TVC , Banner , CPM , CPC , … in an entity like a separate mini-sites , general and App Box App Box Self – Serving professionals in particular has depth of content , the harmonious interface , consistent with the main website . Therefore, readers receive information as is reading , not watching the ad , not make them feel uncomfortable for being marketing . This stimulates readers curious to learn access box .

Diversity App Box templates , businesses can choose either own creative style .
Diversity App Box templates , businesses can choose either own creative style .
With the ability to link with social networks like Facebook , Youtube , Twitter , navigation system map Google Map , … Box App helps to advertisers combine different marketing channels , strengthen the ” social ” of advertise with strong viral effect . Shout -box features ( discussions , polls , online counseling … ) makes the Box App promote interactivity with readers of the business .

Take the example of the effectiveness that brings App Box , can be seen in the evidence about Diana and Lambretta motorcycles . Understanding questions about the secret of teen sex , school sex online Ischool Diana created to help young people access and fully updated new and extremely interesting insights progress the psychological and gender . To increase website traffic for Diana Ischool well as brand value , Diana implement media campaigns with banner advertising , PR , Box app . Box attracting advertisers with content updated daily and vivid design , characterized by youthful Ischool program has brought more than 20,000 clicks in 2 weeks running , exceeding 3 times the CTR of banner indicators along common position .

Box App was run by Diana ( left ) and Lambretta ( right) .
Box App was run by Diana ( left ) and Lambretta ( right) .
As for Lambretta , marking the return on the market in Vietnam, motorcycle manufacturers have held contests looking face ” Lambretta Face Contest ” for young talent , good looks , tastes fine , good personality , ambition . To communicate this competition , Lambretta perform massive advertising campaigns across multiple media with diverse forms : PR in the paper ( electronic media , print media ) , Fanpage on Facebook , reports on television , the Expand banner ( dantri.com.vn ) , Box app ( kenh14 ) . In particular , Lambretta Box App brings unexpected results with greater than 5-7 times the amount of clicks , CTR is about 10 times higher compared to other forms of conventional advertising banner .

Box App is so effective , Self – Serving App Box also creates convenience for the label . Through this innovative product , the label can design, manage and optimize Box advertising costs . In addition, businesses can register online to refill the forms of payment , electronic transactions , even phone cards and advertise themselves deployed any time. Strengths coverage across more than 30 reputable website like Reuters , Business Forum , Bloomberg , Channel 14 , CafeF , Genk , afamily … also makes the App Box product of this unit generates power for the wide spread label .

Overcome by a sense merely as promoting and advertising images and voice from a business way , Box App advertising and App Box Self – serving is really a new channel of business exchanges with readers – where business can now listen to the feedback , thoughts and aspirations of the rank ” god ” . This is something that before this , not a type of advertising can do .

Top 10 apps for iphone, ipad october 2013

ICTnews – Bubbli , artsy or Cameo , Tick are a few prominent names in the new app marketing for iOS .


This list is from Appsgoneviral.com

Cameo app on iPhone . Photo: The Verge
New Application >> good the Month 10/2013 for Windows Phone / good new applications the Month 9/2013 for iPhone , iPad


This is an application that helps you capture and share pictures impressive 360 degrees . Just tilt and swivel machine to machine a circular capture spherical panoramas . If the image looks too weird , do not worry because Bubbli be sent to the cloud to ” stitch ” the images together. In addition, you can also record sound to add to the picture for more lively .

This application made app sales of more than 1 million usd.

Free . Download here .

fantastical 2

Application history and beautiful design best seller on the iOS platform has been redesigned for iOS 7 , which includes many new features such as reminders, week view , record appointments voice . Just enter ” buy milk at 5 pm ” , fantastical additional automatically prompted to announce right now . Application of sync with other services such as iCloud , Google Calendar , Exchange , supports English , French , German , Italian and Spanish .

Price : $ 2.99 . Buy it here .


Artsy set the art world in your pocket . It helps you to discover , collect , share more than 60,000 high-resolution files are updated daily . From artsy , you can enjoy art from the exhibitions, fairs and museums around the world leading .

Free . Download here .


With this application , you are combining multiple images together to create unique personal wallpaper , best suited to iOS 7 . Can test results consistent with no home screen without exiting the application . Wallpaper created after saved according to the different sizes , catering to parallax effect .

Price : $ 1.99 . Buy it here .

Snoozr Aviator

Snoozr alarm app is simple , easy to use . Just set the alarm time specific , the application automatically generates an alarm Snooze Pan to continuously since that time . You can change the intensity to be sure to wake up on time . Owning beautiful graphics , smooth interface , applications attention to every detail so that the user feels most comfortable .

Free . Download here .


Cameo allows you to create a short film about yourself and your friends . This is the first application to bring effects , movie style class for any user in any level . You can save movies in 720p HD format to embed into your website , blog or HD format to upload to YouTube , Vimeo or Instagram .

Free . Download here .

HDR Fotor

Dual Shooting Mode , advanced technology allows you to capture and process the HDR effect immediately or capture and save as many different metering modes to edit later . Just 1 in 10 hits for extra effect completely new HDR , HDR exclusive Fotor , from natural to super real . You can adjust the brightness , contrast , saturation to the final picture more complete .

Price : $ 1.99 . Buy it here .


SlideStory create video length from 32 seconds of your photos . Photo treated with gentle filter , can be added to the last message movie , save and upload to Facebook , Google+ , Dropbox or Path .

Free . Download here .


Tick ​​the prompt application ( to-do list ) is designed exclusively for iOS 7 . You can customize the entire interface with a favorite color for a more personal nature . The icon changes when you touch to start while using the interface automatically adjusts from light to dark environments . Tick ​​to support the new features of iOS 7 includes AirDrop .

Price : $ 1.99 . Buy it here .

The different functions Garden sheds Serve

Garden design is one of the most popular modern pastimes, especially creative people, and there are many different things you can do to improve your current garden, one of which is installing one of the many shed that are available in different stores. However, you may be uncertain as to the different ways in which these ships gardening can benefit you. Yes that’s the case, then our guide should be able to help you, so read on:

Storage. After a long and very cold winter that it was more than the utility of retail therapy dose, you may find yourself thaw only to realize then that has a lot of things you are not using the future †“certainly more than will fit in your home without making it look very messy! Choose the right sheds can mean you can store a variety of different items, while still out which means they are protected and kept safe from the elements. If you have an excess of books, gardening tools over or group of sports equipment in excess, a shed high quality may be the ideal storage solution.

Work environments. While the idea of ​​a shed as a work environment may evoke images of a Dickens novel illuminated dark, can restore confidence that times have changed, and many people are now using gardening sheds, the perfect inspiration outside the office (needless to say, the lawn mower is removed first!). With the installation of a high-quality desktop, a computer and other common office needs, you can create a work environment that is much more challenging than working in the guest room is †“and did not win the temptation to steal fifty winks on the spare bed!

Relaxation. With climate of most beautiful and summer so it is well above the UK in the last month or so, people are taking every opportunity to get out in your garden and enjoy all possible rays: why not and, indeed!Ships modern gardening can offer the ideal place to relax and enjoy those warm temperatures while avoiding that nightmare summer: sunburn! Whether you choose to install a couple of new chairs, sofa parts, or even a cooler full of cold drinks nice summer, modern sheds are really the best way to keep safe while still enjoying the summer.

DIY. While a lot of people see the summer months as an opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather, others simply see it as an excuse to be as productive as physically possible, and if that’s the case, then throws him may give the opportunity to do so. Modern sheds offer ample space with which to practice those skills useful, whether wood, metal or even want a nice cool place to practice skills of the sample! Whatever your discipline, modern gardening sheds can offer the ideal place to practice in