The 10 best applications for watching movies for iPhone and iPad

Although nothing could change the pleasure resulting to enjoy a movie in a real movie theater, tablets and smartphones trying to approach this reality and offer to our entire database of television shows and premieres of films that delight us for hours. These applications can allow you to stream online and watch movies online free from unconditional lovers […]

Top 10 tools for task management

In the article we published apps that let you work with remote teams and manage projects, we said that there are many others that help you organize your tasks . From this we will talk about here. If you like to be a perfect messy, you do not need to read more. Now if you […]

The 10 best free accounting tools.

One of the most cumbersome tasks for those who begin to work as a Freelancer is the financial management. Face of good first issues as the preparation of budgets, billing, control of expenses or the payment of taxes gives a little dizzying, but their good resolution is vital to the success of all independent professional. […]

The movie “Gold”

The film will present the path of Luis Fernando Tena team in London 2012 won the gold medal. One of the success stories of the Mexican soccer team level to be told through the film “Gold”, which will offer on Wednesday its premiere in the movietube Las Americas in the capital. Performing Alejandro González Iñárritu guarantees […]

Leaflet App

Prospectus App is the best way for your company or business to connect with your customers and attract new effective and modern way.What is it?With Leaft App your company or business has at last his own informative app because with it can show all your products and services and provide a more efficient way to contact all […]

ASO: The SEO mobile applications

The use of mobile phones is very widespread and deeply rooted in the habits of many people regardless of age or social position. Needless nothing but watch as in crowded public places such as public transport or just down the street most people spend time using their mobile devices. All these users make use of […]

Mobile Surveys

The solution integrates Sferea Survey by: A friendly and great flexibility where an electronic wizard to quickly create customized surveys web interface. Our web management portal where you can have control of the content displayed on mobile devices and access other tools closer to your users. A Content Management Portal, where at the end of […]

The chair phones and tablets … finally

After dozens of settings and tests given graphic and interactive complexities of La Silla finally launched our application for mobile phones and tablets. Which allows our users to query more efficiently our content and interact with them. Starting today, our users can download versions designed for iOS (iPhone – iPad) and Android systems (any phone […]

Swype: new method of data entry inventor of T9

In 95% of phones on the market, the 12-button keypad is the input method par excellence, but devices with touch screens slowly becoming more popular van. The data entry methods evolve and adapt to new technologies, seeking efficiency without losing ease of use, this is where comes into play Swype and his special way of entering […]

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Without doubt, Android has given a new twist to the world of electronics, among other things, providing the user with a smartphone or tablet, have the necessary electronics to carry it with you wherever applications. From design and simulate a simple and elementary electronic circuit to apply the necessary parts to a leading provider or […]

The 15 best medical applications for Android

These applications have the characteristic of being free , and designed for doctors, clinics, medical education, medical students and patients. Android continues to improve the supply of quality medical applications and this is an indicator of market trends, best mobile apps mean better. On December 23, 2010 Android Marketplace, opened the category of medical applications and supply growth of […]

The best ‘apps’ to clean the mobile garbage

It is one of the evils that most affects users with a smartphone. And, over time, they start to fail and slow work. The smartphone supports hundreds of hours on, always working. Save our music, apps, photos and videos. Also remember why we browsed pages, favorite or emails that we sent. It has become, in its own right, the inseparable friend […]

The five essential applications to find home

Search house is an ordeal that you either love or hate her to death, but whether you think of one thing as another, sure you will come great these five critical applications to sell my house fast , whether to buy, rent or just dreaming awake. The cake online real estate search is shared in our country […]

Advertising within the applications will grow up to 500% in the next five years

Advertising applications will grow up to 500% in the next five years. This point was a report entitled “Mobile Advertising: Strategies In-App, mobile Internet and messaging 2013-2018 ‘and predicts that this growth will dramatically motivated by return on investment of marketing and development of advertising media to traditional advertising more interactive and effective. This study finds that today about 70% […]

Four alternatives for mobile map applications

The launch last summer of iOS 6 , the new operating system for Apple mobile devices, Google marked a break with the default when integrating phones and tablets in some of the popular search engine services. Apple stopped using the application Google maps and placed in its own place . The numerous complaints from users , to find fault with the new […]

The best applications Accountant, management, budget iPhone

The iPhone can become a personal assistant to simplify your daily life. Your mobile Indeed, along with some well-chosen applications, can help you keep your family accounts . So before you begin, you need a few tips to help keep your counted, click here . Then follow the guide of the best apps counted / management available on the Appstore. iComptaMobile, u do […]

Gold eased from 10-week highs before Fed meeting

Expectations that the Fed can further reduce your monthly bond purchase program pushed the dollar as demand for safe haven currencies like the yen was recorded.   Gold retreated from 10-week highs seen during the night at the weakness of the stock, as traders took profits in the precious metal ahead of a key meeting […]

Nuevo Kindle Paperwhite 2013 Review

We could not end the year without  reviewing the new Kindle Paperwhite 2013 , a product that already has a couple of months on the market but is just now making the leap to the physical store . If we look at Amazon ‘s description on the official website to see that it is a […]

How To Buy Youtube Views To Make Your Videos Rank

If you’re new to video marketing, you’re probably wondering how you can make your videos rank on Google or Youtube quickly so that you can earn money the soonest time possible. Well, we’re to tell that if that is your goal, it’s easy if you know what factors go into making a video rank on […]

5 myths about making money online

The industry of Internet Business there was some years ago made ​​its crude beginnings date back to the 90’s , but today thousands of people realize that with little investment (compared to Physical Business) can be make money from home and try to do the internet for a way to increase their income. I ‘m pretty […]

3 Android Apps for SEO

Today we will delve into the wonderful world of SEO, something very fashionable for every business – or sector – companies internet . Being in the network is not important , the important thing is that we are. That is the idea of ​​Search Engine Optimization ( Search engine optimization ) . In short, ride […]

Top 10 apps for iphone, ipad october 2013

ICTnews – Bubbli , artsy or Cameo , Tick are a few prominent names in the new app marketing for iOS .   This list is from Cameo app on iPhone . Photo: The Verge New Application >> good the Month 10/2013 for Windows Phone / good new applications the Month 9/2013 for iPhone […]

The different functions Garden sheds Serve

Garden design is one of the most popular modern pastimes, especially creative people, and there are many different things you can do to improve your current garden, one of which is installing one of the many shed that are available in different stores. However, you may be uncertain as to the different ways in which […]