The launch last summer of iOS 6 , the new operating system for Apple mobile devices, Google marked a break with the default when integrating phones and tablets in some of the popular search engine services. Apple stopped using the application Google maps and placed in its own place . The numerous complaints from users , to find fault with the new programap, made ​​the executive director of the firm at the apple, Tim Cook, publishedan open letter to all customers apologizing for the problems caused. However, this is not the only alternative to the Finder app.This article lists mapping applications for the most popular but some interesting concepts for different mobile: Maps +, Waze, City Maps 2Go and OpenMaps Pro .

New Google maps application

One of the recommendations of Apple users to use alternative programs to your maps is to use the mobile web version of Google Maps and Nokia . To simplify this form of use, you can add a shortcut to the home screen of the terminal.

However, since December is available for iPhone ‘s Google Maps application . This is free and has a new graphic design over previous versions, included by default in IOS. Among other developments, lets explore the maps and navigate them using gestures .

Since December is available for iOS 6 the new version of the Google Maps application

Presents other new features, such as turn navigation, voice guided instructions of the most ideal way to reach a destination, local change of address integrated searches, sites and companies around the world and 360 degree panoramas of streets and interiors of some trades through the option Street View .

New alternatives for mobile maps

  1. An app based on Google maps is maps + . With this application you can browse through Google Maps in their different views, less the option of Street Views . However, it provides some new features like the configuration of the main screen, managing to register and create markers, routes and tracks or alarm activation position. This program is offered for free, but with limited use. The full version has a cost of 2.69 euros.
  2. Waze is a mapping application available for iOS and Android, aimed at obtaining the most suitable route in real time, based on traffic or road conditions . It is used in a vehicle for sharing information and traffic alerts with other drivers in the vicinity. Thus, given alternatives to save time and use less fuel routes. This information will be shared automatically, depending on the speed and path of the car, or manually. With these data, Waze calculates in real time the most appropriate way to reach a destination.
  3. City Maps 2Go is a mapping system for iOS with a cost of 1.79 euros. One advantage of this application is that it lets you download maps for use on an off line, something that can not be done from an iPhone with Google Maps. Thus, you can use the maps without an internet connection . Therefore, it is very useful for travelers abroad who do not want to use a connection option by roaming on your mobile or people who are in places unreachable.

    City Maps 2Go is ideal for tourists who do not want to use a roaming connection to access maps mobile

    Among its features, is leaving to search for post office change of address and locations, see the user’s location on the map, save locations as favorites, add notes and also consult Wikipedia articles of the main attractions. It is based on the maps of Open Street Map , a platform free and open to the collaboration of users maps .

  4. Other projects based on Open Street Maps maps also highlights OpenMaps Pro , an application with a cost of 2.69 euros which allows searches of addresses on maps and download them for use without an Internet connection . This program presents options for calculating routes by car, bike or on foot, and edit maps by creating labels and even add custom maps. It also features integration with Twitter to display messages originated in this social network around a particular area.