Advertising applications will grow up to 500% in the next five years. This point was a report entitled “Mobile Advertising: Strategies In-App, mobile Internet and messaging 2013-2018 ‘and predicts that this growth will dramatically motivated by return on investment of marketing and development of advertising media to traditional advertising more interactive and effective.

This study finds that today about 70% of the advertising investment that appears to applications the smartphones, the growth in the number of users of smartphones and tablets hog, drive a new leap in the medium-term expenditure.

Tablets play an important role so in 2018 it is expected that ad spending in these devices maintain a 50/50 ratio with respect to smartphones.

An interesting fact that emerges from this report is that, although greatly increase application downloads by 2018, most of the in-app advertising investments will go to social mobile giants:  Twitter and Facebook.
Sian Rowlandas, author of the report, is optimistic regarding the opportunities for smaller developers. “As the industry matures mobile advertising, advertising solutions are more sophisticated, massively use the location to boost relevance and these new technologies and formats, will benefit all members of the value chain of mobile advertising “.

Regarding forecasts spending on mobile advertising in 2018, this report points out that in that year the figure will be 39,000 million. A forecast that is very far from the 13,000 million dollars invested today.

In addition, investment in new rich media formats outperform traditional advertising formats in 2018 and appear able to add enhanced mobile features, more interactive and link directly to the most relevant apps store.