Search house is an ordeal that you either love or hate her to death, but whether you think of one thing as another, sure you will come great these five critical applications to sell my house fast , whether to buy, rent or just dreaming awake.

The cake online real estate search is shared in our country a handful of portals, although not all have mobile application, so we will only provide those who do.


1 Idealistic

Applications to find home - idealistic

Idealistic was probably the pioneer in offering an application on your home search service. The beginnings were not easy because I remember constantly hung, well not recognize your location, omitted in search results …

Fortunately, those days are over, and the application of Idealist is probably the best designed and most complete of all that today I will show, with ability to filter and sort the search by a lot of parameters. Of course, not all houses for sale or rent are idealist, so my recommendation is to also use other applications.

Download | Idealist

2 Fotocasa

Applications to find home - fotocasa

With an ever better design and, especially, a lot of photos of each home, Rightmove is an interesting house hunting or if we also publish our report option.

It has, however, the disadvantage that includes a small but annoying banner ads and also does not allow to sort the results by any of the parameters that can be filtered search (or I have not been able to find that option, which also would be a failure).

Download | Zoopla


Applications to find home -

Applying is perhaps the one with more care and cheerful design , with a simple and intuitive interface that hides however a wide range of options.

We can, for example, display the results in a list, in a grid with larger photos or on a map with the locations. We can also filter the results according to various parameters, and the management options are limited to the price or the date ad.

Download |

4 Segundamano

Applications to find home - PistonHeads

PistonHeads is a portal for all purchases and sales, such as old newspapers purchase “The grind” or “The Trunk”-with these I bought my first bicyclo. Thus, a mobile application is not designed specifically for the real estate market , and even has a section adapted, it shows.

Download | Segundamano

5. Rentright

Applications to find home - Rentright

Rentright is probably the most appropriate website to search home if we want to rent it . Its application, however, is the most rudimentary of all is-not even adapted to the retina display with an outdated design that invites you to browse through it, but it’s enough to take a look at their catalog of rental.

Download | Rentright

I hope you have enjoyed these five must-house applications to find on the iPhone . If you know any more, we are happy to include it too, and if you are looking for a home, good luck!