It is one of the evils that most affects users with a smartphone. And, over time, they start to fail and slow work.

The smartphone supports hundreds of hours on, always working. Save our music, apps, photos and videos. Also remember why we browsed pages, favorite or emails that we sent. It has become, in its own right, the inseparable friend of man. But in many cases ends up slowing its operation.

Tasks as simple as before they soon run such as changing application can become desperate to anyone. The causes of a mobile work less are many: from an operating system too heavy for the model in question ( such as iOS 7 for the iPhone 4 ), or have too many applications running in the background, to the accumulation of caches or software outdated.

But in many cases can be solved. To improve the user terminal can use some tools available online.


One is iCleaner . This application is available for Android and iOS thus eliminates wiping the memory of our phone quickly and comfortably files. In iOS offers two possibilities: Fast or safe.

In its version for Android meanwhile, has several options such as deleting erase the cache, temporary files or information entered in applications. But there can be only enabled the option to delete pictures.

Another of the most popular applications is Clean Master . This app available for Android also removes junk files such as history data browser search. Moreover, it is able to move applications to the SD card, find the cache files generated byapps that are consuming storage space and helps get rid of them.

The tool has one of clearer user interfaces. In it you can clearly distinguish the terminal memory and the SD card. Meanwhile, at the top right is the menu button settings .

Do you want speed? Kill the ‘apps’ in the background

There are apps like Line, WhatsApp or stainless steel trash can reviews that are continuously running in the background, which slows the operation of the terminal.

Typically, users download apps in the online store, try them and then leave them on your terminal. The use or not. In these cases, it is advisable to make a reflection and if, for example, does not use Line or WeChat, eliminate them.

There are applications that are constantly running in the background, which slows the operation of the terminal. An example of this are Line, WhatsApp or FacebookTo do need to go to Settings , open the menuApplications and select the one you wish to delete.Another option is to move these applications to the external card (in those terminals that have it). To do this you must go to Settings , go to the menuapplications and make click on the option Move to SD card .

To see if an application is running you can check inSettings , Applications and then Running .According to Carlos García de la Barrera, head of Systems Lextrend , Spanish company specializing in mobile and web development, you may at that time is not running, so also recommended to go to Downloaded . It is also useful to know which applications are those that are spending more battery and thus slowing the system more. To do this you must go to Settings and then Battery .There you can see what tools have ended the power terminal.

In Google Play a large number of applications that allow processes to enhance killing device performance there too. An example of this is in  Advanced Task Killer , one  app  showing which applications are active and can be closed with the touch of a button.

Once closed the programs indicates how much memory is released.


The question many are asking is, are these applications really serve any good?

According to Carlos García de la Barrera, are not a panacea. “The deleted files that are not enough to notice in some cases an improvement on the phone, but what applications can eliminate advise based on what they consume. Depending on what you delete the phone’s performance will improve more or less.”

“Another thing is what the user considers rubbish. Because many will not want to part with certain applications that locate these tools.”