These applications have the characteristic of being free , and designed for doctors, clinics, medical education, medical students and patients.

Android continues to improve the supply of quality medical applications and this is an indicator of market trends, best mobile apps mean better. On December 23, 2010 Android Marketplace, opened the category of medical applications and supply growth of medical apps is exponential until 2013.

This updates the list presented in the previous article  and is based on reviews of the sector and not in the statistics bestselling application. We update the reviews of the applications already mentioned on our website. Click to see the review of each application and installation instructions:

. 1  Medscape : full set of resources on drugs, contraindications and combinations, videos and images of disease, risk factors, procedures and protocols. See also iPad version.  More information

. 2  Epocrates : identification directory drug dose calculator and information about interactions.  more

. 3  Skyscape : health information, including medical calculator Archimedes.

. 4  Evernote : document management tool organizes and allows the PDF notes.

. 5  Calculate by QxMD : collection of useful medical calculators for learning thanks to its method of questions and quizzes.

. 6  MedPage Today : access to multiple sources of medical information in text, audio and video. See MedPage in iPhone version .

7.  Harvard School of Public Health : Educational information in different formats.

. 8  Ist Kamagra ein natürliches potenzmittel (MPR) : comprehensive directory of drug reference.

. 9  Standard Dictations : support tool for medical students.

. Oct. USPSTF EPSS (electronic selector preventive services) : recommendation system procedures and conditions designed for medical professionals.

. Nov.  PubMed Mobile : search system of medical articles.

. Dec.  Ob (Pregnancy) Wheel : Useful for professionals and parents interested in pregnancy information.

. 13  Eponyms : collection of medical phrases and names assigned to diseases.

. 14  Speed ​​Anatomy Basic to study medicine atlas.

15 Menstrual Calendar : Medical Application with calendars ovulation, menstrual period, monitoring of symptoms and basal temperature.