Without doubt, Android has given a new twist to the world of electronics, among other things, providing the user with a smartphone or tablet, have the necessary electronics to carry it with you wherever applications. From design and simulate a simple and elementary electronic circuit to apply the necessary parts to a leading provider or investigate data sheet of any microcontroller to know if it will be useful in our application. ¿Decode Morse code or find satellites in orbit thanks to Augmented Reality ? What you want to do in electronics, you can do it on Android and this collection of applications will be tools that can not miss on your mobile device. The design inspiration can come at any moment and here have ten electronic applications recommended for Android .

As I announced in the teaser, electronics is another attraction that Android has to bring you anywhere you have a mobile device at hand. If you thought that applications for this class of devices to a silly cat that repeats what you say, or a flock of birds murderers were reduced, you will be surprised the interesting applications that meet the electronics you have reserved. Like everything in life, few things are free and paid versions always have full benefits or are free of advertising. ¿Need electronics when you’re mobile? Here is a selection with the best.


This application is a basic must-have. It is a complete and powerful collection of elementary operations that all electronic technician must carry wherever you go. Distinguishing features are the variety of classic and typical calculations for the most common configurations of transistors , operational amplifiers, resistors , capacitors and some basic integrated circuits such as the LM317 or NE555 . Helps you to calculate and design inductors, audio filters and also provides an extensive list of the most common connectors in electronics, with identification of each pin and corresponding connections.Undoubtedly, an essential application for every level of expertise.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Electronics Reference

For people just starting out in the world of electronics is very important to familiarize yourself quickly with the components in each application that comes their way. Most mortals, when we started in this wonderful world of electronics, we were always in front of a component on which we wonder what what is this? Electronics Reference is an application for Android that resolves this question and shows you in physical appearance images having a diode, a resistor , a capacitor, an inductor and most of the components found in each plate we see. If on paper are two parallel lines, how is the physical form of that element? This is one of the great advantages that have this application. Take a look and associate a component with its symbol. While the application is in English, it is very easy to use and does not present an impediment when full potential of this utility. The ideal complement to accompanyElectroDroid if you’re new to the long road of electronics.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Every Circuit

If you already have advanced knowledge in electronics and design inspiration, combined with a novel idea, invades you in the strangest place as a lift or public transport, you can not wait to sit at your computer in your home knowing you are many miles away. To help in this difficult situation isEveryCircuit which is a program design and simulation of electronic circuits able to fit on your mobile device. With the same hierarchy as an application of expensive desktop computer, this application forAndroid can show waveforms or voltage and current from a circuit assembly yourself, minutes before.With the availability of the most common components, circuit diagram, draw and rehearse dynamically work that can be performed without drawbacks. You can forget your scorer full of illegible scrawl of dubious operation, you think, what you draw , you pretend and ready ; anywhere, anytime. Of course, it is an application that is maturing and yet has all the components of the electronic universe, but gradually their progress will be important and useful will be vital in the least expected.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Droid Tesla

This application is very similar to the above but occurs more maturity, amount of available components and consequently, higher power to solve a simulated electronic circuit. Droid Tesla can simulate circuits with bipolar transistors, MOSFETs , diodes, LED , inductors, capacitors, power AC or DC, logic gates and up circuits based on the popular NE555 . Furthermore, measuring instruments stand to offer complete information on the operation of the circuit under test. A high score of recommendations within the store of Android speak highly of this simulator SPICE , worth downloading and be always ready to create, test and enjoy.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Electronic Toolbox

When electronic design is becoming advanced in complexity and RF is present in a design, we haveElectronic Toolbox . Ready to technical and / or engineering students, this application can help you calculate PI type attenuators or T series or parallel LCR circuit, calculate noise figures an RF amplifier (Noise Figure, Nf ), design and calculate radio antennas , band pass filters, calculate peak voltage, RMS and mean, among other things. It also facilitates the calculation of earnings cascade or configured as a unit, in addition to all elementary features such as amplifiers Ohm’s Law or impedance calculations. In short we could be sure which is the initial and basic application to enter the world of radio. A step higher in the pyramid of knowledge and complexity can find the same author, application RF & Microwave ToolboxRecommended for advanced students in telecommunications.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Arduino Cook

Leaving the theoretical world of electronics and going to practice and modular hand, we find an application Android destined to all lovers of the Arduino platform. This application lets get started and make the initial practice with the hardware Arduino . Certainly, for those who just started working in electronics, this is a very useful tool that will facilitate the most common constructions, for which all go ever to reach the most complex developments. EL flashing LED based on LED’s accountants, generation of PWM , managing analog and digital inputs, control servo motors , DC motors and “step by step”, touch sensors, temperature control, LCD and even a parent LED . If you started your desire to go through with Arduino , this application may find interesting.

PICmicro Database

I could not miss this selection, an entire database of PIC microcontrollers that allows us to test the features of any PIC and dsPIC produced by Microchip . In this application, you can search your favorite microcontroller, reading the features, and if you think you’ve found the right one for your development, the application will guide you to download data sheets directly from the website ofMicrochip . The creator of this application says that in the near future could attach at least one pin diagram of each PIC to facilitate design tasks each developer. This application also integrates seamlessly with ElectroDroid , recommended in the first place this selection and can be downloaded for free from the application portal Android.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

Satellite AR

For those who are excited about the weather satellites or communications Analytical Graphics brings us an application in Augmented Reality that is as useful as having a scientist of any space agency at our side to indicate where each satellite is at any time. With a database that is updated constantly, this application is as simple as picking up the mobile, point to the sky and begin to see the satellites flying (the low orbit) or suspended up there along the entire Ecuador online (GSO). The wonder ofAugmented Reality presents a green line on the screen is equivalent to the horizon and a whole grid divided into degrees and cardinal points to move up we provide with such a large number of satellites, we can not believe it. Of course, this application is ideal to follow the path of the Space Station (ISS), the satellite ARISSat-1 and all meteorological satellites are operational and in orbit.


At present, very few want to lose the opportunity to be corporately present in an application forAndroid . The popularity of these applications has reached tempt any company to have its space in the store of Android . As ever happened to the nascent World Wide Web , Android today is a space where commercial presence means the continuous validation of a corporate image. SVI, a leader in the marketing of electronic products and technical accessories on the web could not be oblivious to this movement. FarnellIt is another giant is starting to take its first steps in this world but has yet to mature a lot in implementation and a clear example of this is to give the customer the ability to purchase materials such as  bạc đạn directly from your application. SVI meet this requirement and allows you to have your extensive catalog of 1.6 million components so you can select the most suitable for your designs made ​​in the radio.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android

The benefits that this application offers will be very useful for selecting components and suppliers to study sheets and characteristics of the materials selected. Buying online has always been one of the strengths of DigiKey in the electronic marketplace and Android continues to be a point in your business expansion, fortunately, have available at any time. If you are already a customer of DigiKeyand you have a business account with this firm, the components you want to buy will not have to wait to get to the office and will be in close touch screen on your mobile device. Really a very useful application and arriving for easier work. Hopefully this trend will soon move to other providers as customers, we have other options to choose the most convenient.

The electronics in 10 applications for Android


As interesting and easy to implement as Arduino , IOIO is presented in the market as one of the platforms ready to use hardware that is born from the hand of Android . IOIO allow you to take full advantage that can give you multiple (48) digital inputs and outputs, you can manage up to 14 outputsPWM simultaneous, acquire data from 20 analog inputs (ADC) and communication channels classic series as the bus I2C or SPI . To begin working and playing with applications IOIO is available, you do not need any kind of programmer (hardware) special. Your own mobile focus on updating the firmware IOIO need to work and USB connection will be enough to upload your creations after reforming them again and again.

Sparkfun is one of the online stores selling this interesting product and, as always, application developers to find a promising product is installed in the store of Android offering different applications. Therefore, do not be hard to find in a short time applications Android forIOIOmultiply like mushrooms on the web. On the other hand, do not stop being attentive to Forum Electronics NeoTeobecause there are beginning to talk seriously about this new hardware and it is likely that in a short time specific applications oriented platform begin to appear. Since linked via Bluetooth to your mobile device until the full control of any industrial process. In addition, the invaluable collaboration of many people who contribute their knowledge for general education (I will not name them not to leave anyone out) make Electronics Forum arg a warm place worth visiting.

After the presentation of these ten applications, you can not imagine the amount of profits that were left out in the selection. You’re probably thinking and say in the comments, “but they failed to mention this or that …” and that will be very good in this article. If you know any electronic application that is worthy to install on a mobile device, any electronic fan as we frequent NeoTeo, this is your space and time . Your support can help many who need a comparison chart, unit conversion, calculation and all those things that we always need electronics. Better still if you decided to create your own applications and want to show them that the world knows them. We wait here or in the forum to share all the tools you this modern marvel offers.

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