After dozens of settings and tests given graphic and interactive complexities of La Silla finally launched our application for mobile phones and tablets. Which allows our users to query more efficiently our content and interact with them.

Starting today, our users can download versions designed for iOS (iPhone – iPad) and Android systems (any phone or tablet to include this system), which allow them to be free every minute with La Silla. And enjoy a more intuitive version of the content linked to sections such as stories, Dear Diary, Chair Covers Shrewsbury, The Blogging and La Silla Instant and follow our Twitter streams. Additionally, for those willing to consult on these devices, without having to download the application or just to see the original content, they can do so by going to our traditional direction.

The application, which was designed and developed by Fried Egg ( thanks to the contributions of our Super Friends, be continually updated from now. Those who want to download only must:

For iPad or iPhone

If you have iPhone or iPad, go directly to link the Apple App Store

– Go to App Store, there you will find on the top bar a search field.

– To find the app in the store must go to the search field when pressed automatically skip the keyboard while typing appears to be a list of options to support this quest, just typing “chair”, will the Option “The Empty Chair” in the list can be accessed from there or giving the search button on the keyboard and will get a new screen with the results.

– One of the results is the application of the empty chair, check that is for your device (ipad or iphone) version and install press the “Free” next to the icon of the application, the button changes to “Free” to “Install” in a green color. Pressing the button brings up a new window, where you must enter the password of iTunes.

– Once you enter the password of iTunes will download automatically, and the desktop ipad or iphone icon with a progress bar will appear, once the bar is complete the application will be installed on your mobile device.


For tablets or phones with Android OS

If it is a smartphone and / or tablet Android. Go straight to link to Google Play Store

– Open the Google Play Store application from your smartphone or Android tablet.

– Once on the screen Google Play, you will find on the top bar icon with magnifier, to search for the name.

– Pressing the search field jumps the keypad to enter the name.

– With just typing the word “chair”, will the “The Empty Chair” in the list can be accessed from there or giving the search button on the keyboard and will get a new screen with the results.

– Select the application you want to install.

– To install the application on your device, press the “Install” button.

– Then click “OK” to accept the permissions of the application and start the download.

– Icon download process will appear on your device and end the process found on your computer installed application to use.

A wedge to go, remember that the more you evaluate and recommend more help us position our content.

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