Today, May 27, celebrated the International Day of Celiac , a disease that affects approximately half a million people in Spain and 1% of the European population and is a permanent intolerance to gluten that can cause serious injuries in mucosa of the small intestine those who suffer.

To try to make life a little easier for celiacs, the next to the Vodafone Foundation Celiac Association of Madrid and the University and Alcalá have driven the development of an application called igloo that will get you what foods are gluten anywhere thanks their smartphones.

Its operation is very simple. To know whether a product is suitable user should only bring your terminal barcode package of an item and the app will tell you if it contains gluten or not. The advantage is that if you do not have good lighting conditions or bar code is in poor condition can always enter the code by hand through the menu.

Igloo instantly accesses the database of the Celiac Association of Madrid (with more than 3,000 products under its belt) to corroborate, always with updated information. Regular updates will also serve those who have the disease to check new food scale or check your tolerance seasonal produce.

Once you download the app for the first time can use it on your smartphone even without 3G or WiFi because the database also turns on your phone.

“The availability of the application allows mobility cart at any time without having to carry the paper guide provided above and reduces the time spent in performing this task by not having to look for the reference product” explain their creators in a statement.

Igloo is available for free for Android  and in the coming days will also come to  BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS.

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