Prospectus App is the best way for your company or business to connect with your customers and attract new effective and modern way.What is it?With Leaft App your company or business has at last his own informative app because with it can show all your products and services and provide a more efficient way to contact all your customers.

Your business will reach thousands of mobile users in Mexico and the world.


Bring all your business information into the hands of your customers:

About Us
Mobile Tell (
the world who you are, you do, you offer, because you’re the best in your industry.
Facilities / Branches
Displays the location on the map to your customer always knows where there is an office nearby.
Catalog of Products or Services
Your client will always have at all times the goods and services you have.
inform your customers of the events you’ve attended or that these next to perform.
Success Stories
Tell everyone who your customers are and what your job is enviable.
Gallery and Videos
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Contact forms
Your client may be in contact with you either by mail or by phone at all times.

Your leaflet App gives you options to design and customize the image and identity of each company.
Prospectus App with your company will have guaranteed mobile presence and in the best stores the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store, this means that you will be present in the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices of all your customers.

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