There are applications that are expected for a long time. One of them is Popcorn Time, the application to be able to Watch Movies Online Free in high quality via streaming and torrent. A winning combination that has put in check much of the industry due to its almost unlimited catalog and price, free.


Popcorn Time, the best combination streaming + torrent


With this application we can see movies free without a license, that is pirated. The appcomes to Android because a group of programmers have taken the code and has decided to bring it to our operating system.


The application is fairly stable, though perhaps due to release has a bit of trouble withthe connection.


It is available for free on Google Play. Perfect for lovers of movies. And that with thehelp of a Chromecast or a tablet with a big screen it can be a perfect choice to enjoythem.

In the same way that uTorrent meant a breakthrough when it comes to downloadvideos and movies, Popcorn Time wants to do the same thing, if leave you, as wealready have in Omicrono, the application has had a long list of problems. Actuallyclosed two months ago, but thanks to the release of the code has been able to returnin the form of app for Android. Enjoy it.


Update: As well we have pointed out some users on G +, this application is actuallyTime4Popcorn, different from the original creators and therefore supports containsome type of problem. Therefore, movietube recommends you download this application with the knowledge that is a third-party app.


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