Aplicaciones para ver películas para iPhone y iPad

Although nothing could change the pleasure resulting to enjoy a movie in a real movie theater, tablets and smartphones trying to approach this reality and offer to our entire database of television shows and premieres of films that delight us for hours. These applications can allow you to stream online and watch movies online free from unconditional lovers of the seventh art, to the most hardened football fans.

Wuaki.TV Player

Through its last update, Wuaki.tv Player incorporates many new features such as improved support for Chromecast and greater compatibility with iOS devices. Your point is underway to provide its users the latest contents from the world of television, as well as keep the scoop with the most popular cinema releases of the time. Now you can see your series and favorite shows from any device, or if you prefer, you can mark them for later.




With this application you will have the opportunity to convert your smartphone or tablet in a giant library with more than ten thousand feature films at your disposal.You can navigate between different categories, to decide if laugh with hundreds of comedy or your hair stand on end with proposals of horror. Whatever it is, it’s a new way to feed your thirst for celluloid. You won’t regret it. Detail at http://www.movie2k.io




The best way to enjoy the content television and even get emissions ahead of the series of your choice. With the new update, Atresplayer has paid off debts with the users of iOS 8 and also adds support for Chromecast and quality of playback in HD for TV and radio programs. The possibility to create your own playlists and watch foreign programs in its original version, has finished seduce us.



Movies Online

All genres of movies ready to be enjoyed from a single location. Up to the most recent releases are in the list of this application with more than 10,000 files in its database. Amazingly simple to use, Online movies represents the dream of all film buff. You can find from the classical must-see, until the most seductive proposals for action. Not to miss.

Aplicación para ver películas Películas Online


Mitele Web & TV

Full audiovisual arsenal group Mediaset Spain from the comfort of your iPhone.Sports news, cartoon, premieres, national series and foreign and other offerings integrate this application with unique options, great advances and playback in high definition. From big brother, until the full seasons of the popular series Aida, with Mitele everything is leisure and entertainment good.




Canal +, another large television that has decided to go for the world of apps with a singular proposal that includes on-demand Video and Television Live. In this way, you can choose to enjoy the season once The Walking Dead last finish that party of the Champions that you are seeing live. The opportunities are endless with an application designed to meet the most demanding tastes.



Full movies

An application that will mediate between you and the overwhelming amount of information that is located on YouTube. To save time, movies complete filters most popular video files and shows you the search results so that you can create your own library with those concerts, documentaries and news of your choice. Special mention for your player and marker videos allowing you to resume playback from the position indicated.



Movistar TV

Twenty-five channels at your disposal to combat the hours of boredom, it’s what you proposed Movistar TV, the app that allows you to access contents low demand as games of football, series, reality shows and much more from your tablet or iPhone. In order to enjoy the multi-screen service, only requires being registered to the company website, so you can reproduce content on five devices simultaneously under one account.



You movies

Over three thousand films make up the catalogue of this application. You Peliculas, in addition to constantly update your database with the latest releases also features an excellent search engine that allows you to filter your search by year and language. Before deciding to us by any videotape, you can inform us about your synopsis, or try their luck with the trailer that includes.



Online cinema

Proposals, romantic and hilarious comedies, popular titles of action films or classics of the American far West, all this and more from cinema Online, the application that has more than five thousand titles for all members of the family, regardless of age or personal taste.

Aplicación para ver películas Cine Online

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