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Bad times ahead for those who hate advertising for one simple reason: Google will enable video on AdWords ads within Android and iOS , something that will appeal to advertisers, but it will cause many predictable complaints from the users.

Advertising is the key to many free applications and services reach our hands without us having to unsheathe credit card: a way that benefits reach the author of the application while not charge us anything directly. Advertising works well in perspective , and also represents one of the core businesses of Google in relation to receive income.

Now we can add videos on advertising Adwords

It is therefore logical to further improve its service AdWords facing advertisers, although this decision will queue because few users will like: the possibility that advertisers include videos in their ads , with the excuse of showing the user how your application works with a real sample. It is unclear if the corporate video production Calgary will be mandatory envisioned, but advertisers can begin using the feature from now.


Furthermore, in another vein, Google now provides an opportunity for applications to show their ads on the2 million websites using the Google ad network by dialing a choice: something that results in a 28% more volume to increase the scope of this without increasing the cost, in the words of the guys from Mountain View in your AdWords blog .

Videos in advertising applications; it was a matter of time they arrived, although more than one has seen it as an ad apocalypse full of videos. Hopefully Google apply the theory with good lyrics, and that the practice is not as painful as the ads and are mandatory viewing video.

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