One of the most cumbersome tasks for those who begin to work as a Freelancer is the financial management. Face of good first issues as the preparation of budgets, billing, control of expenses or the payment of taxes gives a little dizzying, but their good resolution is vital to the success of all independent professional.

 Contract Bookkeeper for small business in sydney, you will find a series of platforms and tools to facilitate the journey:

1. QuoteBase


Create budgets in PDF format, it allows you to include your logo and work with the members of a work team. It is a very useful tool to create budgets in a collaborative way.


2. FreshBook

Free for the first 30 days

It is a magnificent timing of projects and billing platform online. Import costs from bank accounts, credit cards and you can capture a picture of any receipt, which is attached to the invoice in a matter of seconds. Accept online payments with credit cards, electronic checks or PayPal. Yte resolve questions and problems from 9 am to 6 pm.


3. The Invoice Machine

Up to 48 dollars a month

It is a website with an easy to use interface. It allows you to issue invoices and send them to the client via email, and you can adjust options for currency, taxes, costs of shipping, discounts, notes, etc. See also which bills have been sent, which are paid and which on the verge of expiration. Invoices can be filtered by period, by customer, or by your state.


4. Facturagem

9,99 EUR per month

A focused service to the management of bills is online easily and efficiently. You can work from any computer and also from mobile devices.


5. Invoicera

Up to 9.95 USD per month

It is a platform to make budgets and invoices that allows you to receive payments through over 20 payment gateways. It also includes an expenditure management.


6. Expensify


It is an application of control of expenses which allows you to import any banking transaction or credit card. Capture mileage and other Billable expenses, and is able to scan receipts and add them automatically to the platform. Works with iPhone / iPad, Android, WebOS / Palm and BlackBerry phones.


7. Ongest

From 8,95 to 19.95 euros per month

It is a Spanish platform for billing online which also allows to make budgets, record expenses and payments of VAT control. One of the most interesting functions of this tool is the scanning of invoices for automatic registration. You can export all the information of the web when needed.


8. Outright


It is an application to control revenues and expenses. You can import data from the transactions of all accounts related to a business (eBay, Etsy, Amazon, PayPal, credit cards, bank accounts). It is updated every night. In addition, it has a section to control taxes and offers a complete picture of what the financial situation of the company or the freelancein real time.


9. cuentica

Up to 50 euros per month

Spanish platform that offers models of invoice, online billing and a program that generates thefreelance from expenditure and revenue accounting. In addition, it has a service agencyonline, with labor, tax, or accounting advice, and presents all the official models of VAT and tax information.


10. e-self-employed

Between 10 and 59.90 euros per month

Spanish platform for issuing budgets, invoices and expenses online control. It allows the transfer to click invoices to book revenue of a forecast of taxes, questions about tax requirements and to register in finance and Social Security.


PLUS + 1


Between 10 and 40 euros a month

E-Últimas is an online accounting program for managers, SMEs, freelancers, foundations and associations. Invoice in seconds as a business, report your taxes electronically as Advisor or easily manages your association or Foundation from any device.

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