In the article we published apps that let you work with remote teams and manage projects, we said that there are many others that help you organize your tasks . From this we will talk about here.

If you like to be a perfect messy, you do not need to read more. Now if you are someone who want to have everything organized and well tied, it’s time to dig a little between digital solutions out there and test programs that help you manage the tasks you have any workday, either in your office or in your projects online as freelance .

This also goes for those who need to have noted the shopping list on your phone, the tasks that must be completed before a particular event, or readings or movies you have outstanding …

“Especially useful tools for freelancers who will accumulate the tasks of each project and must give priority to one over the other”

These are applications that have taken over the Pósit, traditional agendas that go from one side to another and seldom at hand, and PDA. The majority are very practical, well-developed tools and elegant appearance. We think especially useful for a freelancer who will accumulate the tasks of each project and must give priority to one over the other: for example, a programmer who is working simultaneously on two projects and properly and productively organize your working day. In short, are programs that help your work hours are more profitable.

In addition, usually allow you to review your lists from any mobile device, something interesting for those who use their smartphone or tablet also work: so you can check what you have done and what remains to be done.

And, is not the same know what task you have to perform something that you usually stored in memory to rely absolutely on her, to be controlled in a runtime tool for this task: with it you can set a deadline for finish a project and trigger an alarm or reminder. And if you liked before breaking a Pósit with the homework done and welcome to throw trash, now you can not resist mark as completed each task or project to be completed by emptying your bucket list …

Here’s our selection of the best tools for project management for creatives:

1.       Wunderlist

It is a good and simple application that allows you to create lists and rank the importance of each. It works smoothly and has achieved wide acceptance among users. It also offers you the ability to delegate tasks, something to consider if this is a collaborative project. As Wunderlist outperforms others it is in design: it is very clean and allows you to change the background to your liking. However, even today has no native application for the iPad, to be launched, according to comment from the blog of the company, very soon.



2.       Nozbe

Nozbe appears as one of the most complete: You can customize your own with a personal logo, attach files to each project, synchronize with Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote and your Google calendar, send an email to the system to create new tasks, etc. . The usefulness of this tool marks the user: You can use Nozbe as a simple list or for more complex projects that require the cooperation of the members of your team.



3.       Teux Deux

This is perfect for those who set their work from week to week: the program will split into columns workweek and it is very easy to use. Noted for its clarity and simplicity: all you see on the screen are the tasks of the coming days. And it’s free.



4.       Do it (Tomorrow)

Did we say that Teux Deux out for its simplicity? This overcomes him: who would come big plan work a week, you can schedule tasks here today and tomorrow. This tool is well suited for those who prefer the agenda of a lifetime, for that is its interface: one page to another for today and tomorrow’s work … in addition to that you can not finish today.


5.       Omnifocus

Despite not being available for Windows, Omnifocus here deserves a good position to excel as manager GTD ( Getting Things Done more powerful). It is very popular and with it you can make deadlines to tasks or projects and add voice messages and images. The downside is its high price in the Apple Store : almost 36 euros, much to a user who prefers to try several applications before settling on the best of its kind.



6.       Remember the Milk

Ever you forgot to buy milk which had commissioned you? Hence comes the name of this other application. To avoid confusions in the purchase or in any other area, such as your job, are not bad managers tasks like this. Dubbed as Remember the Milk , this application has achieved wide popularity, and not by name … do you? RTM stands out because it offers a wide variety of options for organizing tasks and it allows integration with Gmail, Google Calendar and Twitter. In addition, you can share a task to help you with it, or publish it for you advice.

Against these advantages, we ran into a couple of issues that could be saved in the future: its interface is somewhat outdated web version and is not easy to find all the features it offers, such as integration with your Twitter or the to share with someone a list of tasks.



7.       Astrid

Faced with the outdated interface Remember the Milk, Astrid is presented with a clearer picture, and mobile versions also show a good design and are easy to use: you can easily create a shared list and add partners. The system also allows your assistants leave comments on each task, which, in this way, will give details of how they worked.



8.       Things

Things is a very useful application and has also won many followers. Things go when you have not fulfilled your task a due date, I remember and automatically switches to the list of tasks that you have to finish today. You also can add contacts and entrust a task.



9.       Producteev

With Producteev you can distribute your tasks into projects and add subtasks. The free version allows you to invite someone to your workspace , but with the monthly subscription can add more partners and interact with them. It is here that highlights this tool, in the organization and distribution of tasks to your team members. Another advantage of Producteev is the ability to attach files and download them at any time.



10.   Toodledo

With Toodledo you can organize tasks by preferences and priorities. If you have a day of intense work but you’re not sure what you should do first, the application can plan for you and suggest, from the estimated for each of the tasks time, the deadline and the relevance, which of them you have to complete first and which later. The free version includes the basics, but if you want also share your lists and the tool will help you with your job planning, among other features, can subscribe to the paid version.


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