Today we will delve into the wonderful world of SEO, something very fashionable for every business – or sector – companies internet . Being in the network is not important , the important thing is that we are. That is the idea of ​​Search Engine Optimization ( Search engine optimization ) . In short, ride a website and want Google to send you visitors. For them there are people and companies dedicated to SEO positioning. If you don’t want to SEO by yourself you can hire a service. We recommend Des Moines SEO services.
These professionals also deserve to know how Android applications can use for your industry , so let the mess :

WebRank SEO

One of the applications that I like , especially for good design . Offers access to a quick overview of a page. Very useful when you are not near your computer and you have to keep an eye on a customer or competitor.


Provides information through four tabs:

General: where we can see a rating that gives us the application and basic data such as tags “title” , “Description” or “keywords” (although the latter are not used) .
Analysis : in short , shows the profile of the web page with information such as Pagerank , Alexa or pages indexed in Google .
Header : The tab for the more technical and WPO lovers with interesting data at the server level .
DNS : Easy, DNS values ​​for which it is resolving the domain .
Download | Play Store

SEO Automatic

This application is more practical because it gives us real data on possible problems in web analysis. With a traffic light color code not accuse the major and minor errors , in addition to the things we have well placed :

Although this translation is easy to see why things fail on our website . Logically , the application is somewhat limited, but we can pull through on the street.

Download | Play Store



We could not miss an application to check the status of keywords on which we work . In Google Play find many but SEO ARP works quite well and has a very tasty interface. The free version has a limit on the number of keywords, but the paid version is cheap enough to be interesting . Furthermore, we can obtain social metrics on our website, another plus .

SEO SERP APP – Android Apps on Google Play

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