If you’re new to video marketing, you’re probably wondering how you can make your videos rank on Google or Youtube quickly so that you can earn money the soonest time possible. Well, we’re to tell that if that is your goal, it’s easy if you know what factors go into making a video rank on Google. And what are these factors? They are Youtube videos, likes, shares and comments.

We all know that Google owns Youtube. Right now, where Search Engine Marketing or SEO stands, in order for a Youtube video to rank, it must have the correct amount of views, comments, likes and shares. No one knows exactly which factors are more valuable than others, but it’s safe to say that Youtube views is a major factor, which is why you need to purchase youtube views.

There are many websites you can buy Youtube views from. Just on Google for “buy Youtube views”. You should know, however, that not all providers are created alike. While there are some that deliver true human targeted traffic, there are the ones that deliver automated visitors.

If you’re a serious video marketer, you shouldn’t just rely on the words of a so-called video marketing guru. Do your own testing and buy both types of Youtube videos, however, send each of them to different sets of videos. Considering that Youtube videos are cheap, with some services charging only $14 for real human traffic, doing your own testing to know which views work best won’t even cost you $100. Of course, before you do any testing, make sure you’ve done proper keyword research on both Google and Youtube. Also, ensure that you make a great video that people will want to share. Once you get to the top of the search results for your keyword, you will want to leverage on the traffic by making your videos viral worthy. In addition to Youtube views, make a plan for buying Youtube likes and comments.

If you really think about it, you really don’t need to buy Youtube views, likes and comments – you can let nature takes its course and wait for someone to discover your videos, like it, share it and, hopefully, comment on it. But this could take years to happen and before that time, your competition could be crushing you in the rankings, which is really worse for pocket than it is for your ego.

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