We could not end the year without  reviewing the new Kindle Paperwhite 2013 , a product that already has a couple of months on the market but is just now making the leap to the physical store .

If we look at Amazon ‘s description on the official website to see that it is a measured renewal of the earlier version already discussed and we concluded that, in our opinion , was the best e-book reader market .

Is it still the king Paperwhite Kindle? Are there visible improvements by Amazon? Is it worth the extra price reaching 129 euros To start with ? Let’s see .


Identical .

The product not only holds the name - although our use “New Kindle Paperwhite 2013 Amazon just calls and simply called older generation to the original - but the size , weight and design to the point that putting together distinguish it costs us a lot .

It should be remembered that this leads to a device 16.9 cm x 11.7 cm x 0.91 cm, with 206 grams for a six-inch screen . The balance is a very light reader , usable books to some extent - more on this later - with one hand and with a very sober look.

rear kindle


The only button is the on / off switch is located on the bottom of the device , which continues to be a place somewhat inconvenient as grabbed by hand.

Possible ? Improvements one would expect ? Perhaps reducing the size of the device, rather than on the side frame that helps the experience , but maybe at the top or bottom where there is much and complicate the possibility that it is a portable device in your pocket .


The screen and processor New Kindle Paperwhite 2013

Although on paper is a proposal continuity - with the same density of pixels , 212 ppi - Amazon stresses that it is in the screen where efforts has improved hardware Paperwhite .

What experience do we? The device provides a very good contrast , which is read with a fabulous sharpness and, after all , need not grow in resolution to deliver a very satisfying read .

It is possible that in 2014 plans revolve around the variable resolution, perhaps focused on improving the experience with magazines and books graphically intense , but for now the Kindle Paperwhite remains focused on pure reading, perhaps because the space other works that is shifted to the tablet.



In any case, the improvements that Amazon also points to a new touch pad more accurate , a new system of integrated light and say a new processor is 25 % faster. With the experience of having used both - the former more months - and also having had to write the analysis in both cases I have to confess that I had a hard time appreciating differences .

Kindle Paperwhite remains outstanding ebook reader beyond check how much difference with its predecessor. The page turning - in the analysis of the original Paperwhite stopped a lot in this and other points - still instant and scoring touch experience , underline, write , search and buy , outstanding in the context of an eBook. In other words , there is no “lag , no waiting in the use of new Paperwhite .

There is a point where I do believe that they have improved the screen : the uniformity of light distribution . If this could be one aspect polka dots on Amazon reader , this is a thing of the past. Otherwise, Amazon backlit system still seems a rather solvent to not depend on external light sources and , in turn, have a good read even sunlight solution. In fact I have set the brightness to 14 (the system goes from 0 to 25) and I find it a very good experience in any environment.

Reading with the Kindle Paperwhite 2013

In the user interface noticable years Amazon experience . Configuring show you the estimated reading is encouraged you to follow that little more than the end makes you read more (and Amazon sell more , of course) and also improve increasingly more use of letters , underscores, and navigation through time books .

In fact, my point readers tactile resistance remains the same . The physical buttons still offer advantages for use with one hand ( go back and forth without confusion ) but the tactile experience to highlight , add notes or search the text is far superior. Fragments also sharing in social networks.

paperwhite navigate

This depends on the type of reader who we are and the works that will fill our free reader for us to evaluate if the ideal is a tactile reader as or better saved Paperwhite difference and opted for a non-touch device.

Finally, something that is constantly improving by Amazon is in the integration of searching the device. Server has used the new Paperwhite to read this masterpiece is Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, a book in which the terminology of the American West border with Mexico can reach and overwhelm the search feature that greatly helped me to identifying plants, animals, tribes and landscape elements. Not since lost about reading on paper , is that my experience with the software version was better in the ebook and there, again , the touch screen also added .

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