A clever ad formats , combining images and content , advertising and customer care , and the attraction of readers accessing higher than 5-10 times higher than traditional banner born. That is the App Marketing Box or Box Product Application .
Marketing change the world changes
There is a funny story about Marketing that when chickens lay eggs , it usually works to promote local , and that’s why eggs are usually more expensive than duck eggs ( which is only known to lay eggs in silence ) . This is probably the primitive method of advertising and most primitive remarkably effective .

The term Internet was born in 1969 with the first WAN by the Ministry of Defense building , but not until 1991, with the launch of the first website ( World Wide Web ) , things did change the world , then the Marketing knowledge and hence the change over .

In January 10/1994 , online banner ads first appeared on the world to promote HotWired.com 7 museums and art by AT & T sponsorship . Since this time , the Internet in general and the particular website like an endless mine where one can fully exploit diverse genres , the rich CPC , CPM , banner , Online TVC , … increasingly large site with high traffic , the mine is considered as ” cash cows ” , which is attached to the budget for advertising on the website also added .

Box App : Trends in advertising make a difference for businesses
According to data from market research firm Kantar Media Vietnam Advertising Association , said Vietnam led again , in 2012, global advertising revenues to nearly $ 450 billion , an increase of 5 % over the previous year . In particular , from television advertising accounted for 42 % , newspapers and magazines accounted for 20 % , with 17 % Internet closely .

According to this study , in 2012, 64 % of survey participants said that television advertising channel has the greatest impact to the consumer , followed by the Internet with 26 % ( compared with 4 % market share of advertising Internet 2011 ) .

The data on enough to see the expansion and future dominance of Internet advertising . However, in the event ” a sad year as the current economy ,” the ad budget was slashed business . So the problem now posed is how to attract readers to pay special attention to their ads when the page is full of different types of advertising but with a breathable least cost ?


Trends in new app

Foreseeing the demand of enterprises set up in 2011 , the Vietnam market , a clever ad formats , combining images and content , advertising and customer care , and attracted the readers access higher 5-10 times higher than traditional banner born. That is the App Box or Box Product Application .

Box Marketing App : Trends in advertising make a difference for businesses

In fact, the trend of capital App Box display advertising was first released worldwide in late 2010 in the U.S. under the name ” Project Devil ” by the Internet company AOL patents . Products are tested on the first page Hearst and New York Times newspapers , then officially deployed in the Wall Street Journal online edition and towards major brands such as Audi , Burberry , Lexus , … Back to Vietnam , Box App is Admicro ( business unit of online advertisement , under VC Corp ) improved to better suit individual needs and advertising budget of a difficult period now . To optimize costs and reduce advertising procedures for the labeling problem , continue Admicro App Box upgrade into a new product line called Self – Serving Box App with many more handy features to business .

As of the harmonious synthesis of all forms of advertising PR news , TVC , Banner , CPM , CPC , … in an entity like a separate mini-sites , general and App Box App Box Self – Serving professionals in particular has depth of content , the harmonious interface , consistent with the main website . Therefore, readers receive information as is reading , not watching the ad , not make them feel uncomfortable for being marketing . This stimulates readers curious to learn access box .

Diversity App Box templates , businesses can choose either own creative style .
Diversity App Box templates , businesses can choose either own creative style .
With the ability to link with social networks like Facebook , Youtube , Twitter , navigation system map Google Map , … Box App helps to advertisers combine different marketing channels , strengthen the ” social ” of advertise with strong viral effect . Shout -box features ( discussions , polls , online counseling … ) makes the Box App promote interactivity with readers of the business .

Take the example of the effectiveness that brings App Box , can be seen in the evidence about Diana and Lambretta motorcycles . Understanding questions about the secret of teen sex , school sex online Ischool Diana created to help young people access and fully updated new and extremely interesting insights progress the psychological and gender . To increase website traffic for Diana Ischool well as brand value , Diana implement media campaigns with banner advertising , PR , Box app . Box attracting advertisers with content updated daily and vivid design , characterized by youthful Ischool program has brought more than 20,000 clicks in 2 weeks running , exceeding 3 times the CTR of banner indicators along common position .

Box App was run by Diana ( left ) and Lambretta ( right) .
Box App was run by Diana ( left ) and Lambretta ( right) .
As for Lambretta , marking the return on the market in Vietnam, motorcycle manufacturers have held contests looking face ” Lambretta Face Contest ” for young talent , good looks , tastes fine , good personality , ambition . To communicate this competition , Lambretta perform massive advertising campaigns across multiple media with diverse forms : PR in the paper ( electronic media , print media ) , Fanpage on Facebook , reports on television , the Expand banner ( dantri.com.vn ) , Box app ( kenh14 ) . In particular , Lambretta Box App brings unexpected results with greater than 5-7 times the amount of clicks , CTR is about 10 times higher compared to other forms of conventional advertising banner .

Box App is so effective , Self – Serving App Box also creates convenience for the label . Through this innovative product , the label can design, manage and optimize Box advertising costs . In addition, businesses can register online to refill the forms of payment , electronic transactions , even phone cards and advertise themselves deployed any time. Strengths coverage across more than 30 reputable website like Reuters , Business Forum , Bloomberg , Channel 14 , CafeF , Genk , afamily … also makes the App Box product of this unit generates power for the wide spread label .

Overcome by a sense merely as promoting and advertising images and voice from a business way , Box App advertising and App Box Self – serving is really a new channel of business exchanges with readers – where business can now listen to the feedback , thoughts and aspirations of the rank ” god ” . This is something that before this , not a type of advertising can do .

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