Have you just opened a Twitter account and do not know where to start? Every time you open your profile and see the zero number of followers you da dip ? Or maybe you take time stuck at 12 followers? Do not sweat it . We all started there . And there are those who , after starting from the same point that you have got thousands of followers.

Premise: if you’re not a rock star , a supermodel , a player elite or a television you’re going to be hard to get thousands of followers of a sudden .

Warning: this is real and ‘clean’ steps for a user – type who wants to increase followers naturally. No magic, no prodigious tools or ways to buy robots .

Reflection: you may think that the fact only have 500 followers on my blog account on Twitter does not allow me to give advice. But , perhaps, if you open your mind , you can take advantage of what I propose to increase your number of followers , which is what it is …

Nine steps to take before having to resort to this :
Step 1: Friends , what you want
I guess you have friends But you know if you are on Twitter ? If they are (and they know ) the first thing you have to do is start following them and ask them to follow you , that’s why no trust. This step is really nice to not spend too much time with the token fan unworn . Also, encourage them to recommend you to their Twitter profiles or move your tweets and increase your visibility. In the case of not knowing if your friends are on Twitter, nothing easier than to go to Facebook and post on the wall your Twitter account . Friends are for when you need them and this is a good time to give you a hand .

Step 2: Strip search Twitter
Use the search box to find Twitter users tuiteen on your interests and follow them . We recognize that it is very likely not to get follow back , but we must try . Typically if you follow gurus topic not follow you , but if you do it with less profiles followers and also tuiteen your topic interesting things , you will be easier. Usually profiles with few followers tend to follow you back , but you never know …

Step 3: Put hashtags topic that tuiteas
And we will turn over the tortilla. If you just recommended I follow people with similar interests , they might find to you in the same way . Put on your timeline and hashtags to your tweets related to the matters of which you speak. so you have a greater chance of appearing in Twitter search results .

Step 4: Interact with other users
The fact dialogue with others, mention to , or making of retuitearles favorite tweets of others is a warning to other users . If you interact and abandon the cave of your privacy , you will increase the number of followers for a very simple reason : you will become visible to others.

Step 5: Continue to follow other
Behind this truism lies something much more complex : people who appear as followers profiles similar to yours are predisposed to follow. Do not waste time following users never increase the number of ‘ followings ‘ . Take advantage of other people who follow others and follow them . You’re more likely to get a follow back .

Step 6: Create and / or share good content
Yes This is the most costly step of the above but , without doubt, the most important long-term . At this rate that takes time and effort. If you have a blog , post once or twice a week minimum and shares every day, at different times , in your Twitter account . It’s about time ( recently) that you increase the number of followers .

If you do not have a blog, do not worry, you can also gain a following with content you share. Find interesting websites or blogs you can nurture quality links , be selective with the content that you try tuiteas and they all add value . What it is that your timeline have valuable information and this, in itself, is the best of all magnet to attract followers .

Step 7: Tweet often , but without the grill
Generally, before following a person will check out your timeline to see what tweeting about , what kind of tweets spear and , in general, how is your profile. If two weeks ago you do not write anything , you usually do not follow any users because they think that the account is abandoned. Tweet daily, if you can, but not saturated with six hundred tweets a day.

Step 8: Include your Twitter profile in the soup
Make it known through Facebook, as we have spoken to friends . But do not stay there. There are many places to share it : apart from social networks like LinkedIn, you can also add your Twitter profile as WhatsApp state why not ? Also, do not forget to put your signature on personal and professional emails and on your business cards. Give visibility in your day to day in all areas you can think of .

Step 9: Buy Twitter followers
This is the easiest way to boost your number of followers.
There are many other options to increase Twitter followers : from hundreds of users follow and then unfollow those you have not returned the follow up to spend the euros to buy followers who will ignore anything you post. You can also use tools like payment Toolows managing campaigns to attract quality followers .

Tools and follow backs aside , what really matters is to have a profile that can go exponentially increasing the number of followers every week. And that is only achieved safely, adding value to your Twitter account .