Only by the application available on Google Play , users can optimize the operation of their smartphone to run smooth as possible .

To monitor in Standby mode


Screen Standby is helped off the application ‘s desktop phone or Android tablet when not in use . Therefore, this application allows users to watch movies or play games on the big screen while the phone screen is off to save battery power . The application is also quite useful if you ‘re downloading large files via WiFi without using the phone’s screen , they would be turned off to save battery .

BusyBox Installer


BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single executable . It provides alternative for most utilities you usually find in GNU FileUtils , shellutils … Busybox Installer also includes a ” scripter ” to manage and run your script .

Titanium Backup


This is a must have app for Android that allows you to backup your essential applications including specific applications and their data . Therefore, this application is useful when you install a new ROM as it would not have to reinstall all your applications before. Scheduling backups and freeing memory by moving some apps to the SD card as well in this application .



DroidWall is one of the best firewall application that allows users to lock any application from the data . With this app , you can also control the mobile network or WiFi access for each application to ensure no excess data network allows . Also ensure cell phones are not hungry or become a victim of suspicious applications .



Greenify is the most useful app will help you save battery life by detecting hidden application in battery -hungry device even if you do not use them . This is not a frozen application – just put the battery consuming applications on hibernation mode even if you do not regularly use without disabling the full functionality of them.



NoBloat is an application that allows you to delete unwanted apps preinstalled on the phone . You can do this very easily by selecting the application and click the Delete button .



With catlog , you can find out what is happening on your phone . Catlog application will debug applications . The application has the name tag color coded and easy to read display vertically . Furthermore, we have features such as real-time search and recording mode as well as records by sending an email form or attachments .

root Explorer

app , android , smartphones , monitors , tablet PCs , backup

Root Explorer can be defined as a file management program for your phone and can access the entire file system of Android . The application’s other features include multiple tabs , Google Drive , Dropbox , … SQLite database viewer

LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher lets you use the keys are arranged in a half circle shape , called a pie , to replace the soft keys available on your machine . To activate the pie , you just clawed finger on the screen from the outside .


In addition, you can also quickly access the notification , date and time information , the remaining battery life , multitasking manager in the same way . Moreover, by the ability of the pie is highly customizable , you can add, remove , change keys easily their discretion .

Also notable feature is the pie , LMT also allows you to ” draw ” the letters on the screen of any device , which perform the assigned tasks available .

Stick Mount

app , android , smartphones , monitors , tablet PCs , backup

With StickMount app , you can automatically mount and remove the USB on different devices like Galaxy Nexus , Nexus 7 , Nexus 10 but does not work on Nexus 4 . The application is compatible with all devices but primarily developed for the Nexus phone .

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