The iPhone can become a personal assistant to simplify your daily life. Your mobile Indeed, along with some well-chosen applications, can help you keep your family accounts . So before you begin, you need a few tips to help keep your counted, click here . Then follow the guide of the best apps counted / management available on the Appstore.

iComptaMobile, u do simple application to manage your bank accounts and keep your counted

This application is very useful to help you manage your accounts from your iPhone, iPad … securely. The built-in browser app allows you to download your statements there, check your Accountant and Tax Agent Manly, prepare forecast … The iCompta preconfigured application is to be compatible with many banks, so you can easily configure the access to your accounts.

Even better, the app allows you to statistical tables and graphs to see the evolution of your spending and compare your projected budgets with reality. If your iPhone is connected to network with your PC or Mac at home, you can also access from your computer, the integrated server related iCompta.

On the Appstore, you can download iComptaMobile Lite, or opt for the (more complete course) with paid version 2.1.2 iComptaMobile for $ 3.99.

Ixpenselt, a free application management, budget, forecast and free software for currency conversion

In the “top” apps to help you manage your accounts and your budget from your iPhone, ixpenselt ranks very favorably. This application is available for free download (lite version) or paid download full version for $ 3.99.

On the road or at home, you can manage your budget very easily, prepare expense reports, summaries of the status of your accounts, create charts …

This application is very comprehensive and focused on a professional utilization iCompta, which focuses more on family and personal counted.

You can also take advantage of the conversion feature embedded in the application currency, a good place if you are traveling abroad.

Squirrel: a simplified budget manager and free additional free management software on Mac

If you’re on a Mac and use the management software Squirrel budget, you probably have an interest in using the free application management Squirrel budget for iPhone, which allows you to sync data between your Mac and mobile. Squirrel is very simple to use to monitor your accounts, consult your expenses, calculate your budgets and estimates.

To synchronize your data or to simply access Squirrel for iPhone on the go, you may need other complementary applications to download on Apple’s official website, allowing you to detect wireless networks near your iPhone and you simply connect via WiFi: click here to learn more about these essential apps .